Are psychic abilities real? Can some people really sense or see other people's futures?

  • Some Have Amazing Abilities

    There are many unexplained phenomena in the world that science simply doesn't have an answer for just yet. Psychic abilities are one of those things. It is eerie, but I have seen a psychic be spot on about many things that she wouldn't have known otherwise. Believing in psychism is just like UFOs--you have to see it or experience it to believe it. Psychic abilities are real, there is just no way to measure such things scientifically at the present time.

  • I believe they can

    People who have psychic abilities wont just tell you if they are psychic or not because they do not want to be made fun of or have people thinking they're crazy. If you actually think about it some people do have psychic abilities like not everything that happens randomly cant be just a coincidence.

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