• Yes Psychics in a sense are real.

    I believe that some people are in fact psychic. These people are able to sense or see things that other people can not sense, specifically emotions of others and changes in the environment around them. I do not believe that there are people that can can predict the future or speak to the dead. The majority of those people are just good at reading human behavior, and have the ability of telling people what they want to hear.

  • Not certain, but I think 'No"

    I have been to more psychics and mediums (especially mediums) than I care to count over the course of many years. As yet, I have found no evidence that any real psychic or mediumship abilities exist. I have observed a lot of standard cold and warm reading techniques, educated guesses, more 'misses' than 'hits' and vague 'waffle' that would be impossible to assess or falsify. Most of the personal readings have been way off the mark, and the bits that are in any ways accurate are usually so general that they could apply to anybody. It is interesting that not one psychic has been able to discern my 'invisible' disability. Only one or two have been able to discern my background. In order for something to be counted as a hit, it would have to be accurate, specific and something that could not have been known through 'natural' means. This rarely happens. And even when it does, the 'misses' still out weight the 'hits'.

  • Unproven... Like speaking in tongues...

    The gimmick is to say, look out for the frauds. That states that there is a probability that they are real. It's like speaking in tongues in a church. No-one really knows what theyre saying. But Someone's doing it, so it could possibly be real. People need hope and answers and assurance... They're open minded, but simple minded too. If ghosts were real, they would of helped us cure cancer and straighten out this country. Every one would be a lottery winner. You wouldn't need a church. Ghosts would be telling us how it works... Deals would be made... Scandal would be everywhere... People would know what they could get away with... There would be no secrets about anything or anybody... Hmmm... Where's the intelligent people???

  • Complete and utter

    Tripe I detest these dreadful creatures who prey on the weak and gullible who come with a genuine belief that these parasites are " gifted". Is it not strange that these mediums one sees on tv can never get direct answers to questions posed by the audience ? Why is always so unclear ? Surely if these divine presences are communicating why are they so vague ? No such thing as a " genuine" psychic it's complete gibberish .

  • They tell you what you want to hear.

    They just tell people what they want to hear, otherwise the client will either hang up the phone or simply will not return. Also, some psychics are very clever at sensing things that are going on around you, and that's the bit that gets people hooked. Psychics cannot predict the future, they just simple make educated guesses.

  • Psychics and Real!!!! an Oxymoron without making any sense.

    I don't think psychics are real. Some people that believe in psychics are weak. They can be easily convinced and want to believe in everything. Sometimes people has better understanding of the events of has sharp insight to deduct some reasonable things which are not evident. And coincidences do happen once in a while. But, that doesn't mean one can predict the future event for sure. Then there will be no word called probability in the Dictionary.

  • No proof.

    Any time there has been an attempt to scientifically prove psychic powers, it has failed. Until and unless such an experiment is successful, I will remain convinced that there are no such thing as psychics, whatever people like to believe. Most so-called psychics just use cheap psychological tricks to fool people into thinking they have supernatural ability, anyway.

  • On the Fence, But Leaning No

    In this day and age, it is extremely difficult to believe someone can possess true psychic powers. We all have seen the televangelists proclaiming they can talk with long lost relatives, but they use tactics that cater to the masses and really haven't proved that without prior knowledge or general items (like asking if anyone in a room of 100 people has a relative with a name starting in "S," of course someone will!) they can perform this skill. If there ever becomes a published scientific study that can prove this, things may change - but it is hard to believe that hasn't happened by now.

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