• Immunizations are required to preserve an orderly society.

    Decisions have to be made in order for society to function. For instance, laws must be made and enforced about which side of the road to drive on, how fast to go, how to keep the water supply safe to drink. How many laws or in this case immunizations are necessary and must truly be required, are decisions for the general public to debate and our representatives to vote on and be responsible to the voters for the results of their decisions.

  • An immunized public is one that protects the vulnerable.

    Not all people can be immunized, and the option taken by some to not get immunized reduces the herd immunity enjoyed by those on whom immunizations don't take or who are prevented from immunization by health risks. To date, all side-effects that are caused by immunization are not worse than the diseases they are immunized for.

  • Yes, public health concerns are a good enough reason to require immunizations

    In the modern society where globalization has been almost completely realized, it is important to immunize ones self against diseases and viruses that may travel to the United States from other regions in the world. Bird flu from China and HIV from Africa are both prime examples of how a health problem can uplift and transplant itself to other regions in the world.

  • Yes it is

    Here in the United States of America along with countries across the world immunizations can be a good thing. This can be for health reasons when people get their shots it can stop things that can occur especially things that are preventable. We want to do all that we can do to stop things.

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