• Public schools are better.

    Public schools are better than private because of diversity, having to pay to go to school which is exclusive, and the teachers are better educated so their students are better educated. Most people think that private schools are better because of what they have heard. But what they don't know is the personal difference between the schools (meaning the never experienced private school).

  • Question is vague, however public schools in my opinion are better.

    It's very subject to what you're saying they're better for. You can't argue that public schools give as many opportunity as private schools, neither can you say the teachers are better qualified. But I still feel strongly enough to support that public schools are better and I will hopefully present the argument successfully!

    Firstly, imagine a world without public schools. Or even any service funded by tax. You would have a brutally split society. One part illiterate with no understanding of how to take care of themselves which would most likely adopt a lower life expectancy of that group, the other educated and superior because they have money. Without public schools, the pool of educated and talented minds would depend solely on if you were rich or not. Millions of brilliant minds and talents would be lost due to neglect to nurture equally. Also all the luxuries that those who can afford private school would most likely be scarce because it takes more than private educated rich kids to make society work, in fact without the public sector being educated properly the rich would cease to be eventually as they would have no one capable of providing the vital services on which their money is used.
    This is purely based on the affect without public schools, however I will also look at the advantages specifically given from public schools. With public school education, you are likely to develop greater social skills and also live a fuller and more enjoyable life. Life isn't about all the good things that come easy, it's about experiencing the good and the bad, being mixed with the good and the bad and building yourself based on your experiences.
    You can tell a lot of the politicians who come directly from private education don't have a clue on the problems of the middle and lower class. Which are in fact the majority. You end up with a country or society ran by the rich for the rich, as they only care about THEIR money and THEIR problems. They don't understand or comprehend the issues that happen in the real world, which public school sure as hell does not hide. And which I believe private school would most likely be the cause of the ignorance held by those who don't hold value for their fellow human beings who aren't as well off.

    It's easy to live in paradise and shun those who don't. But that's greed, selfishness and ignorance. Things I consider to be detrimental to society and conclude by saying Public Schools are without a question vital and better for society than private schools.

  • What Public Schools Mean to a Society

    Public Schools are the backbone of any society. Private schools provide excellent standards and social ladders for those who can afford it, but overall the symptoms of a healthy economy and country is its public education system. I will speak in terms of the United States. While some parents can afford to send their children to a private schools many of them are lacking an important aspect in today's society, diversity. Not just skin tone but in intellectual abilities. We are suffering from a fundamental flaw in our public education system that provides many proponents of private or charter schools with potent ammunition. That said the benefits of public schools are enormous. The potential to bring together any number of young students no matter his or her social standing or lifestyle is paramount. Public schools build a public trust and are interested in the characteristics of individual students and their certain situations. While Private institutions focus on their bottom line and profitability, public schools emphasize the student's true potential. I have indicated the ground work for the public school system, but I am afraid we are lacking many of the key ingredients to make the public benefits mesh. We spend more on prisons in the US than education, and with systematic budget cuts education is on the chopping block. There is optimism for the future in our public education system, mainly ending the trend of separating low achieving students from those scoring high on standardized tests and in the classroom. This is a big difference between private and public schools, private schools tend to weed out lower achieving students, without trying to remedy or figure out their problems. Education should focus on the person not the amount of money they have or the grades they have previously attained. People change and exploration is the key to unlocking these minds and public institutions are the best route.

  • Love Public School, Suck Private !

    As of now since almost is rises, (price, population, etc) , public school is helpful to those people who cannot afford private school, and specially tuition fees of the private school has a possibility to rise unlike the public school is consistent. Some people who was studying at the private school, mostly they are using their money to pass the subject, they pay their instructors, unlike public school are fare for all students. Public school is advantage as now, because almost 70% of the population is poor and 30% is rich.

  • Say yes to Public Schools

    Public schools provide students with an opportunity to interact with people from different backgrounds and learn from that. Private school students mainly come form upper class families and are limited to what they are exposed to. When private school students move onto a career this could pose a problem because they have no idea the problems middle and low class families face.

  • Public Schools are Better

    Public schools are better because all of them are unisex. Which means they have both genders. Some private schools are just 1 gender. Which means no real leads to a relationship and then marriage when you are older. Public schools also cost much less than what private schools do. Public schools also have less expensive attire. Plus private schools have are more formal, whereas public schools you aren't all uncomfortable in formal outfits. Lastly research is shown that teachers in public schools have a better education, which means a better education for kids.

  • Say "hell no" to private school

    Private schools are just awful they rob children of individuality, open mindedness, and take away basic rights. Private schools just care about money and not students and they ruin lives with their obsession on the schools appearance. They do not care at all. Private schools has terrible alumni mostly stuck up brats or sheltered kids with no hint of the real world. No diversity at most private schools so if you're a minority (from experience) get used to being stereotyped all the time. Public schools are more efficient and well give you an actual chance.

  • Teach kids about life.

    Private school students get a very limited glimpse of society because they are surrounded by kids who also have rich parents and similar political views. In public school, all different social and economic groups come together and learn to coexist with each other. Students learn to work with and love people who come from very different backgrounds than themselves. When a public school student is released out into the real world, he has the social skills to interact with any group or class of people. Private school students have only been around upper class students similar to themselves and have no connection with lower class. They grow up looking down on less wealthy people because they were never able to interact with them and realize how similar all social groups are to each other.

  • Public schools are better.

    I believe that children from public schools are being pushed harder to their limits. Unlike kids from private schools, who rely too much on others when it comes to education. There are also evidences that those who come from public schools score higher in tests, like SATs. Your child will be exposed to more ideas and cultural backgrounds since more than half of the population attend Public Schools. Some researches state that Private schools have better curriculums. But then again, today the government monitors public schools closely so that they can provide an even more better way of teaching children. For those who are also experiencing financial problems, this may be the best way of giving your child a better future, which is by sending them to a public school.

  • Yes and always

    Public schools are better than private schools because:
    1. It does not have school fees
    2. It is not restricted to any religion
    3. Subjects are taught the same as in private schools
    4. There are public schools in all suburbs and cities so, children do not find difficulty if parents move
    5. There is no admission tests in public schools
    6. Public schools have a lot of resources and qualified teachers
    7. Students can meet other students various backgrounds and beliefs

  • Not even close

    Public schools are funded by our tax dollars, therefore I HAVE to pay for the public schools and that means I HAVE to pay the teachers which also means they aren't being paid based on performance, they are being paid because the government says so, Private schools are funded by tuition and loans from outside loaners that are non-governmental, if a private school isn't doing well than parents stop sending their kids there and the teacher's pay declines where as if a public school's performance fails, the teachers still get the same wages


    I'll not talk about anywhere else but only about my nation, INDIA. FIRSTLY, we pay for government and their institutions in the form of tax i.E., we pay for public schools. They get money not on the basis of their performance, highly qualified hard-working teachers, good facilities, student-friendly & studying environment and result-orientation but because of being public. SECONDLY, in private schools, their earning is directly related to students. More students -> more earning and this will happen by their sincere efforts. According to the money they earn, they provide students with the best teachers they can. Here the 'best' means those who are qualified, have patience, are hard-working, and are fair and just. Again, according to the money they earn, they provide students with the best environment and facilities they can to help and encourage the students.
    I can write much more about this particular topic and as a concluding sentence, I ask you all only one question -> you are a middle-class parent and are to send your son to a school, where will you send - public OR private ?

  • One of my best friends went to a private school. He then managed partying in a Fraternity weekly, with a 4.0 GPA.

    No, the kid wasn't rich (enough) in my view. Upper middle class, sure. He went to a private school where his mom and dad forced him to do well. It was highly competitive, and put him through the conditions required to go to a school like Wake Forest or any other decent school that required you to maintain good grades with prior qualifications for a scholarship.

    Now... "Diversity" is another factor we get to look at. Please, allow me to unzip my pants and just piss all over that idea. I swear to god, the worst thing about my high school was how "diverse" it was. Cliques were only about 5-8 people in size, unless you were on the school sports team, and you had so many people of extreme contrasts that it was hard to find one group to fit in with. Even if you found one where you got along with the people, there was still enough of a difference that you couldn't actually pave the way. Did I learn a lot about people from this diversity? Yes. Was what I learned good? No. Not by any means was it "good." I actually cut ties with everyone in my high school when I went to college.

    Private schools are better, in pretty much every scenario. It really depends on the state and area of the state that you live in. Not all schools are created equal obviously, so they will have different quality tuition. All public schools in Florida blow, but their private schools are some of the best in the nation. In St. Louis, public schools could be great and private schools could be sub-par. In most cases, however, Private schools will be better.

    You just get what you pay for.

  • I have attended both, it depends.

    I have attended both a private Christian home schooling association and a prestigious charter school, and I was more informed coming out of my middle school than even the seniors at the charter high school. Firstly, they do not teach history in public schools, they follow a CORE curriculum which has a very biased socialist twist on things. My history class only mentioned the socialists plans introduced, not even how they worked out. As a conservative, I was constantly in front of the class educating them playing devil's advocate for both sides, because truth be told neither side has it completely right. The biggest shock came when I used the Civil War as an example, to which 70% didn't know when the Civil War was, understandable, where the Civil War was fought (what!?), who fought in the Civil War (okay this is ridiculous) and lastly who won the Civil War (blew me away). Private schools often have there cons. I thought my private Christian high school would be biased (I was young and didn't noticed anything biased while I attended the school for Junior High), especially when it came to evolution. To my surprise evolution was taught respectable and established that both have flaws and extreme theories to support them and that both Creationism and Evolution are belief systems.
    In conclusion, I think that private school are better because they do not have to follow this CORE curriculum that is indoctrinating this generation. Public schools are forced to teach this curriculum because they are government funded, while private schools are a business and in order to continue a flow of customer's they need to teach more than just one side of opinions.

  • cant noxiously say that they are

    Well. Good question. Again,this question is very subjective and personal. I've been to both public and private schools both on the high school and collegiate level,and I think it all depends upon the individual. Private schools might have more nurturing due to their smaller size and individualized attention,but public schools have more resources and opportunities which may benefit those who are more independent and hurt those who are not. Personally,I didn't find MUCH difference between the two. Private schools MIGHT emphasize values and ethics and more personal development issues,whereas public schools might just pile on the academics to meet state requirements and improve standardized scores. It really depends. Some might benefit from one or the another;some could do well at either some might struggle at both. Very subjective question. I don't think that there's a right or wrong answer to this question.

  • Not they are not

    In my experience most private are far better. Here in Australia more than a third of students attend private schools. The private schools have a lot more money from the fee's and can afford better facilities, lower teacher to pupil ratios, specialist staff and so on.

    They also have better religious education program's and in general the students are better behaved. But public schools tend to be constantly suspending and expelling students, the private schools try to solve the problems instead.

  • parents pay too much

    Having taught and tutored pupils from all walks of life I can say parents pay TWICE! Private schools are too focused on Grades and Attainment or Sports/Music etc - not the person. I tutor far more private school kids...So parents spend more using people like me to get their kid up to par with their peers.


    Private school teachers are directly accesible and answerable to their students, their parents, and principals and superintendents. Admissions into private schools tend to be a fraction of those in public schools, as well. This gives them the advantage on three fronts: teacher to student ratio, resource to student ratio, and direct say about the quality of instruction they receive. Less students taught by a teacher, and more access to information material, allows for more focus on each student's individual needs. The parents tend to be more inquisitive about the education of their children in private schools in order to protect their investment. Since private schools do not receive federal or state funding, they tend to be more economically efficient with their resources and spending. Also they tend to be more efficient in the hiring and firing of teachers based more on performance and feedback from the students. You get what you pay for.

  • Private schools are better when it comes to bullying.

    I can say this from personal experience of attending many public schools that contained the same problem: bullying. I was constantly bullied throughout my public school years with many different attempts to get the school to even care that it was happening to not only me, But many other students. Unfortunately, My problem was not fixed in public schools. Fortunately, Private schools have very strict rules about bullying and do not tolerate it AT ALL. Those that tried to bully me in private schools were given the punishment they deserved and still to this day in my last year at private school, I have not suffered with a bullying problem since. Public schools don't care. Private schools do.

  • In every School....

    It doesn't matter...

    In every school is Smart kids......Middle of the road.....And dumb.

    Bottom line is the best is school choice!!! We pay enough money in taxes I should pick whatever school I want, if its .5 miles away or 35 minutes away should not matter. Public school teachers will always say public...More kids means more tax dollars.

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Krolshi says2013-05-16T01:19:45.893
Hmmm , I haven 't been to a private school so as of now I 'd personally prefer co-ed for the diversity .
I just see this topic as opinionated . It depends on you to determine which is "better ."