• Puerto Ricans are American citizens, Asian tourists (and all other tourists) are non-citizens on a (generally brief) tour

    Puerto Ricans are American citizens who have fought and died for American in countless wars. Asian tourists are, By definition, Tourists. Tourists are frequently disliked by all human populations in every country. The problem with people disliking tourists cannot be equated to people illegally discriminating against their fellow citizens. Dislike of Asian tourists may be motivated by discrimination, But it could also be motivated by people's dislike of tourists. The same cannot be said of the persecution of veterans and ordinary average Puerto Rican citizens. The premise of the question is patently absurd, And anyone who says "no" either hoping to paper over the problem (intentions could be well-meaning or not), But it's like a sick joke. "Puerto Ricans shouldn't complain about discrimination in their own country, Cuz like, Ya'no', Foreign Asians who briefly enter the United States have it so much worse than you. " Next what, Will you tell us we're all the same as illegals and shouldn't "view ourselves as different" than non-citizens. Tourists have trouble in every country. I can't imagine an Asian tourist coming up and saying, "Oh man, Slavery, Oppression, Racism, Etc. Of American history, That's nothing compared to how I was treated in America during that brief tourist trip. " Bad question, But that is the website format so fair game obviously in the context.
    Furthermore, Asian tourists by definition spend less time in American than Puerto Ricans / American citizens. This should be obvious, Even pure-breed whites who live entirely with other whites would likely face more discrimination in America, As they spend their whole lives here vs a brief trip.

  • Yes they are

    They are called lazy, Even though white people have never even lived among the Puerto Ricans they already believe they are dirty and lazy and criminals.
    Asians on the other hand are secretly envied by the whites. They are way more smarter and cleaner and whites have to believe they are the best.
    Ignorant white people hate Puerto ricans and they also try to hinder Asians from becoming their masters.

  • Discrimination of a race

    We are seen not as equal, But as lesser beings. Even if Puerto Rican’s exceed “superior races” at work or at school we are not given recognition. “Superior races” look for the bad in the good so that they could keep there edge on us instead of giving us the opportunity to bloom and show what we can do for the United States.

  • Absolutely, Although citizens

    Look at the President-Elect's comments on the response to hurricane maria recovery. 3, 000 people dead and he says "Great job! " The media has allowed racist comments air on their shows in reguards to their citizenship, Status as a territory, And economic situation. People try to get away with calling it a country when in reality, The united states has full control of it in economic terms. It is in the state that it's in because of neglect by the U. S. For many decades.

  • Latins/Hispanics are discriminated

    Yes. Don't try to deny it but in USA Latins and Hispanics are being discriminated. In some areas is very noticeable, especially if you live in a predominant conservative caucasian area, it is happening and is not pleasurable. We, Puerto Ricans are the only Spanish-speaking natives born US citizens (outside the US) Hispanics are Spanish speaking people from different countries, Latins, on the other hand, are people born in Latin America. It's a very touchy subject for some and very interesting indeed. The predominant prejudice experienced in some states arose because of illegal immigrants from Spanish speaking countries. For some Puerto Ricans that had to speak Spanish in public places, we do get the evil eye from some white folks. I think is unfair that because you speak Spanish they immediately put you into the "illegal immigrant category". I always ask myself, why so much hate? Why hate people of color or other races when the United States of America was built on immigrants, on people of various countries? Also, people tend to say "Americans" like Americans are only people from the United States of America, they do not own this continent, why proclaim yourself American? NO! Americans are all who are descent from the America continent. People need to get their facts straight! There is so much ignorance in the different part of the states. There is racism. If you are a blond, white, blue or green eye from Norway illegal immigrant is OK? But if you are black, Hispanic, Asian, etc, etc, then is NOT? NO, NO, that is not right, laws should apply to everyone. This is a great country and is sad to see what is becoming day by day. Stop the hate!

  • Yes and its sad

    I'm a creole american my grandfather was French Hispanic native american I'm brown skin black I grew up around hispanics half my life I speak a lot of Spanish I don't consider myself Hispanic in a sense but growing up Hispanics were always treated with disrespect my friends were bullied in school for being Hispanic it always made me sad because they would say cause they are Hispanic they are hated I noticed the mean looks Americans give Latin Americans. One of of my friends wanted to kill his self because he hated being Hispanic because how he was treated n that made me cry because I deny being part Hispanic because I don't look it in a sense n he would say your lucky because you don't get the look of hatred Americans give them

  • It's hard to say

    But I will say no because many Puerto Ricans look Nordic/Germanic. The ones who are more like me or olively oiled in complexion might get the same treatment Asians get in this country, so I think it really depends on the nature. Either way, it's not the same as 100 years ago.

  • Puerto Ricans are Americans

    Puerto Ricans aren't as discriminated against because they are Americans. Hispanics aren't nearly as discriminated against in the United States because they are part of the American labor force. Yes, there are lots of illegal immigrants. Puerto Ricans probably are profiled as possible illegals all the time. Yet there still isn't as much discrimination against Puerto Ricans as there are against Asian tourists.

  • No, Puerto Ricans are not discriminated more against.

    I do not think that Puerto Ricans are discriminated against more than a minority group such as Asian tourists. I think that the degree to which they are being discriminated against varies from regions according to the area in the United States. I think that Puerto Ricans are treated pretty well.

  • I can only speak for SE Asians

    I can only speak for Asians as my wife and her family are Thai. My wife was discriminated against when we visited the USA. Just trying to get her a tourist visa was near impossible and it took 3 tries at the USA Embassy to get her the visa.

    The worst incident in the USA while traveling was when a small town cop had the nerve to assume my wife (highly educated and is a bank manager) was a prostitute based on her nationality. I feel SE Asians are discriminated against more so than Japanese and Koreans are (as my Japanese friends and Korean friends never had any trouble in the USA).

  • Not at all

    The United States of America is considered a melting pot. People of all races and nationalities visit without facing the racism they would face in other countries. Puerto Ricans or Asians may face difficulties if they do not speak English only because there are communication barriers. Beyond that they have nothing to worry about. Besides, Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory.

  • We welcome them.

    No, Puerto Ricans in the United States are not discriminated against to a larger degree than Asian tourists, because the United States is, for the most part, welcoming and friendly to all of its visitors. Puerto Ricans are not that noticeable in the United States, because we have so much diversity as it is.

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