• Snakes, gotta love em

    I love snakes therefore yes! Also snakes like ball pythons won't kill you like it's a cobra, I mean, come on people dog bites hurt more. Anyways, I think a lot of the con's are sassy just cause they have a phobia of snakes, which doesn't dictate whether they're dangerous or not, Snakes are awsome, bye bye.

  • This was my reply to someones comment on the "NO" side, but thought I'd share it here too. :) (my comment goes more in depth.)

    Just because someone is a "reptile lover" does not mean they're a reptile expert. Ball PYTHONS are rated the #1 snake for beginners. They are also one of the most docile REPTILES a person can own. The starting price for a normal ball python can be anywhere from 20-40 dollars... Last I checked that is a LOT cheaper than a dog or cat. Snakes in general are considered one of the easiest pets to care for. They eat once a week and they defecate a few days after they eat. Ball PYTHONS are also considered one of the best REPTILES to handle because they are so docile. Most pythons (even Retics -the largest-) are more manageable and laid back than other snakes. Being a reptile OWNER, I can say from experience that my ball pythons (and other snakes) are easier to care for than my dogs, and have never once tried to bite a human being (or any other being for that matter). If you are bit by one of these beautiful creatures, it is YOUR fault, as there are only two types of snake bite. Defensive, meaning you're scaring the snake and it strikes out of fear; and Hunger, meaning it mistook your finger for a mouse (smell). They are housed in terrariums or vivariums, and can even live in a shelving unit (the costs vary, but depending on owners preference and the type of snake, are generally inexpensive). Again these are people posting based on opinion rather than knowledge. If more people took the time to learn these animals, rather than fear them, the world would be less ignorant as a whole. As a final point that snakes are a safer and more manageable pet to house than, say, dogs...

    - The chances of being bit by a VENOMOUS snake in the US is nearly zero.
    -Fewer than 1 in 37,500 people are bitten by venomous snakes in the US each year (around 7,000 a year, give or take).
    -Only 1 in 50 MILLION people will die from a snake bite (about 325 million people live in the US, so that would mean around 6 people die by snakebite each year).

    -At least 4.5-4.7 million Americans are bitten by dogs each year.
    -885,000 of these seek medical care.
    -30,000 of them have reconstructive procedures done.
    -3-18% of these will develop infections, and 10-20 fatalities will be due to this ALONE.
    -According to the CDC, 20-30 of these result in deaths (aside from the others who get the infections and die).

    These are basic (US) statistics, but if you go more into depth they will continuously all be similar to these.

    (I love dogs just as much as anyone else... But facts are facts.)

    Do your research and come back. If you don't know shit, don't say shit- live by that. For any python owners, or simply those who respect them reading this, thank you for letting human knowledge and experience overthrow ignorance.


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  • Pythons can make great pets.

    Pythons can make great pets for someone who knows how to care for one. There are many species of pythons. Some are smaller than corn snakes and some can reach more than twenty feet in length. Some are easy to take care of and some require advanced and difficult care. Some are calm and docile, and some can be aggressive and even dangerous in the wrong hands. Safety measures and a locking, escape proof enclosure should always be used especially with the large species. Pythons are notorious escape artists.

    Ball pythons will only reach four feet most of the time and are recommended as a beginner snake. Ball pythons are calm, mild mannered snakes. Reticulated pythons are the largest species of python and can reach more than twenty feet on rare occasions. Reticulated pythons require advanced care and could be dangerous for an inexperienced keeper. African rock pythons are perhaps the most difficult and aggressive python to have and should only be kept by veteran keepers who have had years of experience with many other species of python.
    In conclusion, whether a python makes a good pet depends on the responsibility of the owner. It's up to the owner to be responsible and knowledgeable and any python can make a good pet as long as its kept by a good keeper.

  • Pythons can make great pets.

    Pythons can make great pets for someone who knows how to take care of one. Different species of pythons need different care. Some are simple to care for some are extremely difficult to care for. Some are harmless and docile and some are aggressive and dangerous. Some are smaller than corn snakes and some can reach lengths of more than twenty feet. Even the more difficult species can make good pets with an experienced owner. A large species should never be kept by an inexperienced keeper. Safety precautions and a locking, escape proof enclosure should always be used, especially for large species. Pythons are notorious escape artists.
    Ball pythons will only reach four feet in length most of the time and are very easy to take care of. Ball pythons are calm, mild mannered snakes and are recommended for beginner snake keepers. Reticulated pythons can get from fourteen feet to more than twenty feet on rare occasions. Reticulated pythons would make terrible and dangerous pets for anyone other than a very experienced keeper. It just depends on the species and the knowledge and abilities of the keeper.

  • Facts do not support the hyperbole

    There are over 35 recognized species of pythons, many of which do not exceed 2-5 feet. Most species are unknown and incapable of causing a human fatality. There is some level of voluntarily accepted occupational risk associated with keeping some of the larger species (an other reptiles), but statistically and historically, do not involve third party members of the public. There is not an epidemic of pythons falling from the sky and chasing the elderly down the streets. There have been only 10 constrictor fatalities since 1990, which amounts to less than 1 death per year. Many more fatalities per year are caused by vending machines (the similarity is that both are occupational hazards in nature), falling coconuts, icicles, falls or trips from beds and stairs, defective household appliances, and just about everything else. Large constrictors have accounted for some of the lowest number of fatalities per captive animals, significantly less than horses and many other domestics. Most of the larger constrictor species (Boa constrictors, reticulated, Burmese pythons) are bred and domestically produced here in the U.S. and are not wild caught despite outdated claims to the contrary. These animals can be and are maintained quite safely and responsibly by millions of people provided basic husbandry practices are met, as with the keeping of any animal.

  • Pythons are Popular Pets

    I think that pythons are good pets. I think that none of you have ever had a large snake as a pet. In fact, not all pythons are actually that big. The ball python is only 3 to 4 feet long. I think that you have all never tried handling a python or an event happened that caused you to hate pythons.

  • Its dumb pythons pets

    Some animals such as pythons are bad pets. What if one day you came from school and you come to say hi to your pet python. Then your pet does not notice you then it bits you. Then its your flat cause you want ed a pythons pet so good luck.

  • Not a good pet

    Being a reptile lover, I understand that people can grow to love these animals and enjoy their company, but they do not make good pets at all, especially for beginners. They require a lot of care, the more they grow, and can injure people, no matter how 'tame' they may seem. Not to mention, most people don't have the time, money or patience for an animal like this. If the python is neglected, the outcome is never good, even if the owner doesn't have bad intentions. In the end, pythons are not good pets for people. They shouldn't be bred, and kept in such risky conditions, no matter how much people love them.

  • No, pythons are not pets.

    Any tropical animal, especially if it is a reptile, must not be brought into a residential area. People are fascinated by such "pets", usually when they are little. They are often not prepared for what it will be like to have such an animal in the house as it grows. Then it gets released or gets lost, and either hurts other people or dies itself.

  • No, pythons are not good pets

    Pythons are dangerous creatures, while it is possible to domesticate them to a degree, you can never really have one that is "safe." I understand the novelty of wanting to have one, but really, it's not a very rational decision. They can put the owner at risk, and unsuspecting people nearby if the animal gets loose.

  • Not a good pet

    Pythons can be very dangerous to people, although risking domestication.This might not be worth risking your life.Although with all those "special bonds" kids apparently have, it could be worth trying but I think its nicer to have that animal in its natural environment, where it truly belongs.Note that i'm not trying to stop people from loving pets, like these but in a way, they were meant to be in nature, I believe.

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