Are R-rated depictions of gore and bloodshed R-rated because of the violence themselves (yes) or because it's disgusting (no)?

Asked by: Adam2isback
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  • The idea that a movie causes violence is as silly as saying guns cause crimes

    The reason movies with graphic bloodshed and gore get an R is because of how gross and disgusting it is. It can be a cause of repulsion and can cause some to lose their appetite. That being said, it's all in the context, however the R rating comes from that. The blood that is.

    Violence, such as murders and war violence, are another thing, since a gunshot will not necessarily cause someone to bleed externally. But as far as gore and blood itself, it's because of that.
    It's disturbing but also disgusting as well.

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Adam2isback says2014-11-24T02:54:42.310
There's a reason why some movies with graphic depictions of violence have the warning: "Don't watch it if you have a weak stomach." The R rating and higher is because the bloodshed and gore is disgusting and repulsive. No one wants to see that in real life.

The disturbing part is one thing, but it doesn't completely account for the rating, since all human beings are disturbed (unless it's someone who wronged them in the past and in some sense it's understandible that they don't feel bad).
Adam2isback says2014-11-24T02:57:48.583
The disturbing aspect does contribute to the rating absolutely. Cause murder is disturbing without a doubt. But it's not because it glorifies it but rather because it's disturbing, so that's where the R comes from.

R rating doesn't come from glorification. The idea of "glorification" comes from those who wanna censor the movie. The MPAA is not about censorship. The R rating when it comes to murder comes from the fact that it's depicting an unpleasant event.
Adam2isback says2014-11-24T02:58:05.057
But a lot of it is the gore and blood. Absolutely disgusting.
tyleremery2383 says2014-11-26T03:44:49.200
Ironically, the picture shows a movie which is rated R for "some sexual content and language," not blood and gore.