• R-rated movies are bad for Everyone.

    Children and teens who watch disturbing movies can become convinced that anything someone does in movies is real and okay. Even if youth know right from wrong, the images that they have seen will stay with them forever. James Hirsen wrote an article called, Media Violence and the Conn. Shootings, where he writes, “video games are distinctively interactive and have actually been shown to have addictive qualities.” Children should not be allowed to see what can influence their actions for the worse.
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  • No because kids wiil learn bad things from the R rated movies

    For example if a kid does watch a R rated movie they will learn frow the movie and they will start copying the people in the movie. Also if the people iin the movie say bad words the kids wiil copy them and say the bad word to a person or out loud without them knowing the meaning.

  • They are good for kids

    R rated movies are o.K for kids because kids are old enough and mature enough to ignore inappropriate thing in R rated movies like sex or drug use. Also kids could learn about the thing that are shown in R rated films like cussing , sex, or drug use. That is my opinion on r rated movies.

  • They don't effect children over 13.

    Most children over 13 already know most of the thing that are in rated R movies. They know about drugs and sex and cursing. May as well just watch it now instead of learning it from the wrong people. There's no reason to not allow kids to go to rated R movies.

  • They are not bad for kids

    Kids need to learn someday that the world is not just sunshine and rainbows, If they want to watch it they should be mature enough to handle the movie. Most kids over 13 already know most of the things in the movies, And there is no way on stopping them when they see a trailer and think they want to watch it.

  • R rated should be ok

    Children need to learn at a certain age that the world isn't sunshine and rainbows. They could learn it from watching r-rated movies and asking the parents questions about it, or they could learn it from school, which is never a good solution. The world is a cruel place, and good parents need to be there to teach their kids so they can be aware. If a parents kid is squeamish and hates gore, dont let them watch it. On the other hand, if a kid loves horror movies it would be a great bonding experience to watch one together as long as he/she can handle it. It is based on the kid.

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  • No they should watch the movie

    They will do what ever it takes to see the movie they want to see it bad enough. Honestly you should tell them before the movie so that they know that they have been warned. Also tell them that when they can't handle it anymore to tell you. I understand most 13 years olds and over want to make it seem like it isn't bother them but ip arenas will always be able to tell.

  • They aren't bad

    If children want to watch the movies bad enough they will find their own
    way to watch the movie. There's no stopping them if you think some label on a case will stop them from looking at the cover and being like ooh I want to watch this therefore the will. So why stop them. That will just pp them off.

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