Are racial & ethnic groups treated different in America?

Asked by: KB240o
  • Race/gender/ethnicity is still a FACTOR in America

    Ethnic groups, blacks and women experience daily discrimination. Women are paid less, and men have zero desire to support equality. Does not matter that they have wives, or mothers, or daughters. Being black in America will get you shot by "accident" for a broken tail light, and Mexicans are always treated as inferior to the white man.

  • On going discrimination

    Women are expected to be payed significantly less than a man. Many woman are still held to their traditional roles as mothers and home makers. There are quite more minorities in jails than their Caucasian counter parts, this shows that discrimination and racism takes place in the judical justice system. There are so many examples of racism, discrimination and prejudice that takes place in America that proves that racial and ethnic groups are definitely treated differently.

  • The supposed "Melting Pot"

    America, for the most part, is pretty diverse. There are so many cultures, and most people are at the least, accepting of others. Kind and smart people realize differences, but instead of judging, enjoy and encourage experiencing another person's culture.

    However, there are still many troubles that minorities deal with. It is something that always seems to be lurking in the background, and may never truly go away. Just recently, the Confederate Flag was taken down from government offices. People protested this! That shows that we STILL have people who are discriminate; and are judgmental and racist.

    I will enjoy the day when a woman with the same skills and education makes the same salary as a man. I will love the day when a person is hired ONLY by their education and experience, and preference is not given to someone else over a minority. It will be amazing when whoever wants to vote, in whatever state they live in, has no difficulty registering or voting on election day. The only way these things will happen is by people opening their hearts and minds

  • It's hard lol

    We have a Nordic Klan spirit in America. Yeah they may not be as bad as before, but it still needs improvement. The insults that Nordics say to other races. Nazi Germany never did this kinda crap. So it's not perfect, but it needs to come a long way to fix itself.

  • That's a loaded question.

    Anyone that's not a part of a very specific majority is always treated differently. In tackling the issue of religion alone this is definitely apparent. Numerous people of different religions constantly have to submit to Christian ideals. Forced prayer which specifically sponsors a Christian god. People trying to force Creationism in schools. The list goes on and on.

  • Everyone is generally equal

    While there are the occasional racists out there generally American's treat everyone the same. People often equate racial equality with rich to poor. Most people aren't racists. It's the liberal media that has made it a real problem by making everyone think that America still is racist and that we are evil.

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