Are rap artists like Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj ruining it for other rappers?

  • I Am So Going to Sound Like a Douchebag Hipster For This Response...

    When a genre music commercializes, it starts developing a niche within the genre that undercuts the importance and credibility of the genre. For example, The Arcade Fire and Kings of Leon did it for "indie" music (which itself isn't actually a genre, but is commonly referred to as one), and Carrie Underwood, the Dixie Chicks, and Toby Keith did it for country music. Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj are just the newest manifestation of commercialized rap/hip-hop/whatever, something that started years ago with OutKast, more or less. Rap became polished and radio-friendly, perfect for record labels to push the commercialism though and start making a lot of money off of it. This is the downfall of EVERY genre of music that has come around since the 1950's. A fan-favorite scene gets swept up by a record label and the scene is destroyed.

    So, yes, Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj and their contemporaries are ruining it for other rappers, because they have fallen into the music industry's formula for selling records and generating profits, and they did it voluntarily. They have nothing to say and nothing legitimate to contribute to the musical social dynamic. They're not artists. They're puppets. The entire Young Money record label exists for the sole purposes of collecting a paycheck. This is why their lyrics are crap and their beats are rehashed. It all sounds the same now because it's not artistically made -- it exists solely to sell records.

    Their genre, like hundreds that have come before them and hundreds that will follow after they are irrelevant, is completely saturated and beyond credibility, much like alternative rock, punk rock, country, classical, and electronic music. Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj are the poster-children for EVERYTHING that's wrong with the music industry.

  • Rap is basically dead.

    People like Eminem try to keep hip hop alive and kicking but more and more rap is going mainstream and is getting watered down when it could be growing. I think rap has a lot of room to grow, like, say, I don't necessarily want to hear the same old "from the streets-shooting people, drugs, money, cars" nonsense over and over again. It gets really old. I think that is where rap starts to get old for people.

    Rappers today seem to rely on being featured in a pop artists song, which is just sad.

  • Their Pointless Lyrics are Terrible

    Their lyrics are absolutely terrible, and they have no meaning at all. Then there are people like Kendrick whose lyrics actually have meaning. His lyrics tell a story about his life, but Lil' Wayne has no meaning in his songs. And Kendrick's flow is way better than Lil' Wayne and Nicki Minaj. Nicki Minaj is so annoying too.

  • Yes they are in the direction they are dragging the "rapper-image"

    Since a good while back in the 2000-century people have been less and less happy with the quality of popular music (radio, hits etc).
    Mostly because of artists like Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne representing bad morals and shallow lyrics. Ofcourse people can begin to generalise rap-music as a whole for this era if that's what they are fed with through the radio "every" day.

    Personally i like many older rappers and feel like todays rap are going downwards on the scale of good quality.

  • No, Nicki Minaj is not a rapper.

    She may rap, but she ain't form the hood. She don't know our street or how do.

    But in all seriousness, no crappy rapper will effectively ruin rap music. Rap music ruins rap music most of the time, by being rap music. There are certain rappers who make good music, but I wouldn't say their careers are being ruined more that their choice of career ruined itself.

  • There a benifical part too

    People like Nicki Minaj and lil wayne are rapers with there own style they make the game better in there own opion. Rappers like eminem and ice cube and Tupac Shakur where some of the best of there time and still are today like Eminem with his new album MMLP2 he still is one of the most domitnite rappers i have ever heard. Now with the fact that people always hate on lil wayne and nicki minaj require the fact that they were brought up listening to that type and also lets remember that theres alot of people who do indeed like them both yes lil wayne is too slow and nicki just says a bunch of gibberish and there both to illarate at times, but they are still a highly big money maker for there recording companys and there businesses.

  • Doesn't matter who they are or what their doing.

    I think it wouldn't matter if they were making the most money or creating the greatest, deepest music...Rap music would still have a bad reputation. Depending on the artists you listen to you can have your opinion on it but no matter what some people will still think hip hop/ rap is crap and isn't music. No one person or group can give an entire genre a bad rep. If you don't appreciate Nicki Minaj or Lil Wayne, Drake, etc. then don't listen to them. Simple as that. Stop complaining and just don't buy their albums and don't assume you know anything about them or their personal agenda. Until you present credible, undeniable evidence as to what they're trying to accomplish or if they write their own music, etc then don't go around bashing them and their character. Believe it or not their people too.

  • I'd say more rap itself.....

    These so called rappers took rap to a mainstream level and coursed it to a different direction. Rappers all have their unique styles and lines, but now it seems though mainstream is praising all new artists for all sending the same message and image. I think they (mainstream rappers) are ruining the art of rap and how it's viewed. Rap used to tell stories or just be creative.....Now it's all about the mainstream life. If great artist like Eminem and (recent) Kendrick can make it, then I think other rappers can still bring rap back to originality and topic diversity.

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