• Why do they have such violent dance moves?

    In rap videos when rappers are rapping they do these violent moves like punching in the air. What is it? This is dumb as hell. Lol Punching in the air when rapping. Or throwing their hands in the air. What the hell is this? A freak show or something? Lol

  • Yes it is

    Everything is abnormal because normal doesn't exist without relativity. If you listen to rap music, you probably don't find it so abnormal. If somebody that listens to a different genre, then yes it is abnormal. If you ask a person if heavy metal is abnormal, they'll say yes. Because it is out their comfort zone and doesn't fit within the culture they know. Nothing can be universally declared and accepted as normal or abnormal because everybody has different perspectives regardless of whatever statistics or facts you want to add into it. I listen to heavy metal and rap music to me is considered abnormal.

  • Another racist troll post from Adam2

    Adam2 hates anyone of color, the Danish people and the English for things modern Danes, English and people of color have no power to change.

    Adam2 continues to project his hate-rhetoric on DBO, because no one seems willing to point out his trolling and report his racism and homophobia.

    Just look at his comments. He does nothing but contribute negatively to this site and life in general.

  • Not to the Hip!

    The hip hop culture aint seein' nothing wrong with speaking poetry in fast rhythm and putting slurs to a beat. So it depends what's you perspective: from a 100 year old woman's eyes, it would be CRAZY abnormal and would even look dumb. To a 10 year old growing up on the West Side (or the crappy part of your neighborhood) it would be his LIFE, or in other words the NORM.

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thenewkidd says2014-07-01T06:44:24.407
Generalization is General

Are all woman man haters?
Are all men pigs?
We cannot generalize.