Are rappers from the Northeastern USA obnoxious and violent?

Asked by: Adam2isback
  • While gangsta rap everywhere is nasty, there's a certain obnoxious sense of pride in being a violent black thug up north

    If you look at most rap lyrics from Northeastern (Detroit included) artists, it's always the same type of lyrics: "I'm a bad mothaf--ka knowing for busting/I'm the hardest of the mothaf--king Gs/I'm knowing for f--king up teeth/you get one in the head if you f--k with me."
    In other parts of the USA, it seems that the rappers, though angry, genuinely feel like gang violence is a form of survival in a world pitted against them.
    Northeasterners on the other hand are proudly thuggish and would beat up a white person they hated without hesitation.

  • It depends on what population of rappers from that area your talking about.

    Obviously there are going to be annoying rappers where ever you go. If were talking mainstream, its slightly less violent. If were talking indie, then those groups of rappers tend to speak their minds. Irregardless, from what I have seen this applies to everywhere through out the united states.

    However, were talking about all rappers from that region. But you also really have to evaluate the rappers lives. If your from Trinidad, odds are you had a difficult childhood. That will transfer into your music. That is where your "thuggish" rappers come from.

    Honestly speaking, those are the rappers that are somewhat more relevant. While there music is more explicit, at least they know what their talking about.

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Adam2isback says2014-12-20T20:29:47.250
And it's not just Northeastern gangsta rap. The political rap and conscious rap of these areas is filled with that same nonsense of advocating hatred.
Leo.Messi says2014-12-20T20:43:01.090
...I am a fan of west coast rap (Dre, Snoop)
debate_power says2014-12-20T21:55:54.490
This is either a crass generalization and as such, a fallacy, or it's the truth.