• Some are ... , Some not

    Some Reality shows are real like competition shows. But they are also somewhat scripted as to gain TRP by doing funny things and by making people glued to TV. Some Reality shows are completely scripted. One of the biggest example is Big Boss. These types of shows include fight , comedy and suspense to increase TRP and gain as much money they can.

  • NOT so REAL-ity shows

    In my opinion reality shows are totally scripted to garner higher TRP's (Target Rating Points ) . More drama, scandals or fights means more viewership. People love such shows. Without high TRP the show is bound to face an early termination. Maximum viewership high TRP's lead to maximum profits to the producer of the show. For that you need to spice up things which would create interest among the people regarding the show. Money talks .

  • I have a project to be made on this. And after surfing the net, even i fell that they are scripted.

    But to my dilemma, i have some doubts. For example, how can a show like Big Boss or Roadies be scripted? Though reality dance and music shows are surely scripted. But what about the shows that are shot in a confined environment? And how can we really decide that whether they are "good" or "bad"?

  • Reality shows are scripted

    The whole purpose of a reality show is to draw in a huge audience and get high ratings. This can be accomplished with certainty when the participants are provided with a script and then the results are edited to tell the stories which the producers want to tell. Reality shows are the least realistic things on television right now.

  • Yes they are

    I have been on this planet many years and have eaten at many a fine restaurant as well as those not so fine. I have never seen two beautiful women get into a fight at the table and one flip it over. It seem to happen weekly on at least one of the shows. Of course that's not my argument for thinking the show is scripted. It's all about entertainment and ratings. In order to maintain those ratings,someone has to guide that ship in the right direction.

  • Most Definitely Yes

    "Reality" TV is a genre of TV that covers a large range of TV shows. Competitions, the "real" lives of various celebrities and talent scouts. While talent scouts and competition style are probably not as scripted as the "real" lives of reality TV stars, they are scripted to a certain degree. Producers don't want people to say things that may damage the company, but the whole entertainment factor in the "real" lives is how hate-able most of the characters are.

  • To an extent

    When it's naturally being entertaining then they let it go, but when things need to pick up, "stars" are told that they need to put it a little over the top. Some reality shows are a complete load start to finish, but that's usually not the case. Usually the people in them are just guided a certain direction.

  • They are scripted to a certain degree.

    Reality shows are not scripted in the traditional sense like with many other shows. They use scripts called "paper cuts" where plot points and narrative arcs are developed. The contestants are sometimes fed lines and are encouraged to instigate fights with each other. There are many tricks that reality shows use to make it seem like the people have amazing lives with a lot of drama. It's all really just an illusion.

  • They sure are

    When we talk about live television and viewers' expectations for exciting events, no show would be taking the risk of letting things take their course. I'm so sure that these shows are scripted, at least they have planned happenings that might allow people to improvise a little, but stick to main structure of it. They may not be word by word scripts for each and every second of the show, but there must be at least a synopsis that tells people what to do and how to do.

  • Most certainly are!

    Reality shows are painfully scripted, and not done very well. The majority of people on reality shows are very self-centered and rude. They are in it for the money, and the meaner they are, the more people love to hate them. Take the Bachelor for example. Some of these woman are so horrible and you know they aren't really like that. They do it for the ratings.

  • Im the first

    Well i wanted to be first on something but someone always beat me so i thought this was chance to shine. I do agree that reality TV is fake. And i'm sorry this is no longer 100% yes and i'm writing a paragraph because you need 50 words and i'm sorry

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