• Fake and edited

    They are fake with no reality in it they just try to create curiosity in the mind of the people. It is creating a very bad effect on the minds of our youth .They are getting vulgar to get more TRP. They show violence and sex scene to create curiosity in mind of the people .They are getting vulagr and cheap day by day

  • Reality TV is much worse that other TV programs.

    Reality TV has become so huge recently that networks are trying to bring up anything on TV that will bring them some kind of cash flow. These shows are not even what is really going on, everything is edited to seem more dramatic and appealing to the viewers. It promotes bad views to the type of people on the show and soon people are thinking everyone is like that.

  • Yes. The bar is lower.

    There is a difference between reading a lousy pulp novel and reading a piece of good literature, and similarly there is a difference between a well-written, well-crafted show with excellent actors and a reality TV program. Reality TV distorts the actual reality and also requires less thought. Somewhat counter-intuitively, there is actually less to learn from it.

  • Yes

    Yes reality shows are worse than other TV shows. They are supposed to be actual events in people's lives but are usually scripted and edited to make a story line. People are often taken advantage of in these shows too. The ones with kids in them are terrible because the kids have no say in whether they are on the show or not. Reality shows are much cheaper to film than regular shows so that is why there are so many of them out there.

  • Yes.

    Reality shows, for the most part are way worse than most scripted television programs. For the most part reality shows consist of people who are desperate for attention doing desperate things. They have no point and no one learns anything from them. Networks constantly pump them out because they are cheap to make, no matter how horrible they are. There are of course exceptions to this. Shows like the Amazing Race, Project Runway, and Top Chef are well made and produced.

  • All TV Programs Are Getting Pretty Bad

    No, reality shows are no worse than other TV programs. People have to realize that even reality shows are scripted and it’s all about ratings. The goal for every TV program is to get the best ratings or be canceled. The reality shows are exactly what the American public wants – or they would have been canceled by now. So all of the drama, scandal and extreme weirdness is what we want to see, so the networks are giving it to us. The only problem is they have to find ways to keep making each show more exciting and God only knows what they might think of next.

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