• Hurting the Integrity of Our Society

    Reality TV is hurting society due to all of the impartial and unreal images that it is burning into the minds of our youngest generation who tend to watch it more than any other generation. The inappropriate language, the extreme aggression towards other individuals, the unrealistic "goals", are all hurting the integrity of our current and future generation, if it continues.

  • It's just really bad

    In general, I think reality television shows aren’t good. They are often pointless, vulgar and are used solely to make money quickly. Shows like Geordie Shore and The Only Way is Essex promote bad habits like smoking and binge drinking, and also make a debacle of interpersonal relationships by broadcasting the personal lives of other people. Shows like Dance Moms and Toddlers and Tiaras exploit children as a means to make money, hounding young children with cameras and never giving them peace.

    Most of the shows are scripted and are not so-called ‘reality’ in an attempt to cash in on that particular brand of television. Shows like The Bachelor and its sister show The Bachelorette, The Pick-Up Artist, Joe Millionaire and hundreds of other shows are all known for being heavily edited to force fake drama by cutting things that happened at different times together to display a false narrative. Doing this, they also tend to show one particular contestant as a villain, which could garner this person massive waves of hate online and in the real world.

  • They intentionally script it to your viewing pleasure

    Reality TV is fucked up. It's just scripted just for your viewing pleasure. The drama is fake and they get lots of $$$ just because you watch it. People could be nice IRL but instead the producers make the people act in a certain way and that is bulls***. I hate Reality TV.

  • It is the worst

    Reality TV is a very dangerous concept, and is more harmful to people than beneficial. Reality TV persuades people to go down the wrong path in life. Reality TV portrays unethical incidents, and reality TV is not safe to film. Now, imagine being followed around with a camera all day? Imagine a friend watching a reality TV show and going down the wrong path because of this.

  • It is just useless

    In so degrees they can have a script or a little bit of set up to make something plausible. Say if something happens in your favorite TV show and the main person does something like they get pulled over and the officer just takes a picture and leaves without a ticket.


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  • They are just bad for you

    I am writing to you on the matter of reality TV. I believe that reality TV is not good for people because when they see people misbehaving on reality TV and getting rewarded for it. Then the people watching may start to behave like the people on reality TV. “Research has shown that reality TV has an impact on the values of young girls and how they view real-life situations.” “That unfriendly behavior is good for TV ratings, but it might be bad news for you, the viewer. A new study led by Bryan Gibson, a psychologist at Central Michigan University, finds watching reality shows with lots of what's called relational aggression — bullying, exclusion and manipulation — can make people more aggressive in their real lives.” Some believe some stuff on reality TV is bullying.

  • Reality TV shows are bad in general and have little good things about them.

    Reality TV shows are usually really bad and bland. And usually the shows don't even have a point, look at disney channel, it's gone from mickey mouse and kids shows to having half it's schedule people sitting in a living room, one saying something not even close to funny and then there's a laugh track immediately after. How are kids still watching these horrible shows. The writing is also most of the time absolutely terrible, superheroes trying to live in a normal neighborhood is not material for a reality TV show because not only is it not reality but superheroes being followed by a laugh track that goes of every five seconds is not how a superhero would want to live. A plot like that should be for a comic book rather than some actors saying some cheesy line.

  • Makes REAL life less exciting!!

    Reality T.V isn't reality. Now your kids think it is! When they could be outside enjoying the sun, playing with friends, they now have some concept of real life being dramatic and eccentric. But the fact is, your life isn't scripted like the Kardashians, and you will never get that feel. It's better to live life then watch someone else's.

  • Some shows that we consider to be reality degrade our society and have few redeeming qualities.

    When i say 'reality' TV I don't mean cooking competitions and the like, there's nothing wrong with watching master chef. But some reality TV shows now rely on elements of TV such as drama and comedy that are traditionally tied to sit coms and drama shows that are fake. And the basis of this drama and comedy is truly atrocious behaviour that these shows glamorise in order to provide entertainment. This is how these shows degrade our society, by glamorising and therefore encouraging cruel, loud, and negative behaviour we begin to accept it as a societal norm.

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  • Reality TV is a symptom not a cause.

    Reality TV is a reflection of society. Everybody lives there own reality if you think reality TV degrades society the chances are for you society has all ready been degraded. Commercial TV is only interested in providing its advertisers with the biggest possible audience in its target demographic. When people start to switch off Reality TV which they enviably will that will spell its demise. Just switch off and find something real fulfilling

  • It was wrong to name it "reality TV" in the first place.

    As I am reading and looking through all the comments, it has come to my attention that reality TV is definitely over analyzed. Television is strictly for entertainment purposes and whatever programs bring in the most money will more likely be allowed to continue casting. There is no doubt that some shows will depict inappropriate behaviors to reach a vision of "success" or what might be "acceptable". It is unfortunate that younger viewers are in fact more susceptible to new ideas and will mimic certain things since the brain is still in a process of learning what it takes to be successful. This simply leads to another argument about what should be aired on television. However, free thinkers and open minded people will conclude that television is unhealthy to begin with, but also harmless if watched since it is STRICTLY entertainment. People are attracted to television when life is mundane, or if there is a lack of risk taking in that individual's life that may only be seen on a TV screen. Reality TV is definitely amoral according to psychologists, however, some viewers may watch to relate to similar struggles, or to feel good about themselves about viewing others having worse obstacles in life. Reality TV is of course over-dramatized, but that is only because it attracts viewers which leads a full cycle that just makes money.

  • Reality TV shows bad stuff.

    The reason I say this is the fact that shows such as 16 and Pregnant teaches teens more about pregnancy which may be inappropriate. Wtf is wrong with these people. Also, it's a waste of time and most of the shows are useless. Why spend your time watching useless stuff when u can be watching movies?

  • You guys all smell

    I really don't think people or kids actually care about this show I think they just watch it to laugh at how posh half of them are and how they argue about anything or everything im saying who even watches thses shows anymore its just a load of people thinking they are the boss and that they can go about telling everyone what to do just be cause theyre famous its a load of crap PEICE OUT PEOPLE WITH NO LIVES :P

  • Its just what happens in everyday life but instead its being broadcasted

    We shouldn't lie to each other as a society and pretend things don't happen because they do. Just because its on national television it shouldnt be any different then it happening in real life anyways. Honestly, worse things happen in real life, so there shouldn't be a problem. It shouldn't effect people anymore than high school does.

  • The term "Reality TV" is overbroad

    I doubt anyone would argue that shows like Honey Boo Boo or Real Housewives of Oz have little to know redeeming qualities. Instead they flaunt their pseudo-drama toward a generally impressionable audience, providing fuel for gossip circles and opportunities to pass unreasonable judgment on the lives of others. This sort of response is only a destructive element in society. However, to say all reality shows degrade society is overbroad. My mother, for instance, is very much into watching Project Runway. As a casual observer, watching the contestants work is inspiring to anyone aspiring to creative work. To see how their projects come together, how the contestants get their inspiration, is all highly informative. The show itself is very professional, focusing only on works of quality (in contrast to a show like American Idol, where they put talentless dolts on display for giggles). Shows that degrade society do so in two ways: content and presentation. Poor content and poor presentation are by no means exclusive to reality tv. Shows do not degrade society merely because of their format and style (their quality of masquerading as "reality").

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