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  • This myth has been debunked for years now.

    This is nothing more then a myth that has been debunked by numerous credible sources. That rubbish may be true in Hollywood films such as Lucy but in reality it's nothing more then a myth. It's been confirmed that we use all of our brains but not all the time.

  • Psychology Dictates that we don't

    The idea we only use 10% is a myth created in the early 20th century while testing brain stimulation on monkeys. When scientists stimulated parts of the brain only 10% of the brain caused a reaction.... However, the majority of our brain is used but cannot cause a physical reaction when stimulated. While we don't understand all of our brain yet, we know that the other parts of the brain we understand are used for logic and reasoning, creativity, sight etc.

    So no we do not use only 10% of our brain, that idea is absurd

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