Are recent incidences of extreme weather a sign of global climate change?

  • Yes

    I really am stumped by the "climate change isn't happening because climate change takes a long time" argument. Truly, it puts me at a loss. It presents this like climate change didn't take place before we started talking about it, as if this couldn't be the more noticeable years of something that HAS been going on for a long time. I think that's what's happening.

  • No, it is simply weather

    If one were to take a long look at the total history of the planet, it is apparent that extreme weather events have always been occurring. Frankly, climate alarmists tend to attribute any weather events to climate change, even those opposite from other events they attribute. It is not easily summarized what effects slight increases in carbon dioxide concentrations cause, but bad weather has happened and will continue to happen.

  • No, I do not believe that change of weather is a sign of global climate change!

    The weather changes every year, and the changes are not sufficient enough to cause a global weather change! It takes many years for the global weather change to take place! I believe if we continue to have extreme weather for years, then it can be a possibility that we are going through a climate change!

  • Global Climate Change Is Not Happening Anytime Soon

    The recent weather is not a sign of global climate change. It takes many years and will be a while before we witness that happening. The change in weather is normal in my opinion. Every year is different, so there is no need to try to pin point why the weather changed a bit.

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