Are recent school shootings karma for U.S. military action overseas?

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  • I believe in Karma just as much as the next person, but it has absolutely nothing to do with recent school shootings.

    The U.S. military is working hard overseas to protect not only the United States, but the countries overseas as well. Anyone who says the recent school shooting is karma for our U.S. military and the job they are doing should be ashamed of themselves. The school shooter killed innocent babies, for this is what they truly were. His intention was to hurt, not protect.

  • The Shootings Have Nothing To Do With the Miltary or Karma

    I believe in karma but the term is often misused and misunderstood. Karma has nothing to do with the recent school shooting. The U.S. military has no ties to it either The killer acted on their own accord and what this country's military does had little t nothing to do with it.

  • Karma doesn't exist, and if it did exist, it wouldn't do this.

    There is no universal system that keeps track of good and bad and makes sure the scales are even. But lets assume karma does exist, and that a lot of things we're doing overseas are bad. What kind of sense does it make to punish innocent children for the acts of soldiers and those in the command of the soldiers? No scale is being balanced there. If a judge condemned those children to death for what someone else did, would that be fair? If it did exist, karma would work fairly and impartially, ensuring justice for one's own actions. Punishing one person's deeds by harming someone unrelated is not karma.

  • No, who asked this question?

    It is one thing to believe that one's actions may bring bad results upon oneself and another for someone to self-righteously assert that you deserved what you got. It would be good to be that in touch with the karma machine to be able to discuss where any blame for any action might lie. It is kind of the same as knowing what God thinks. Wow, what a privileged position to be in!

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