Are recent violent protests in response to a controversial anti-Islam film warranted?

  • Yes, They Are.

    Those films are an insult to God and His messenger. What do you do when a man insults your girl's honor? You defend it, whether verbally or physically. Not to mention these films never potray Islaam as Muslims understand it. It's Islamaphobic propaganda. Why does what they put in these films contradict what Muslims believe and accept? Islaam is the Qur'an, the Sunnah, and the interpretations of the Salaf and Ulema. They never portray Islaam under those definitions.

    Insult God and His messenger? Then prepare to fight, whether verbally or physically. Not everyone is a coward, or lost their sense of honor.

  • Violence is never the answer

    It is irrational and creates unwarranted unrest. The people who created the film were simply using the freedom of free speech. We have the right to blaspheme the "prophet" MuhamMAD © whether the Muslims like it or not. Killing people over one stupid film is immoral and irrational. How would they like it if we killed their people because they made an anti-American film?

  • Of course not!

    Its irrational, unwarranted, accomplishes nothing, alienates these nations protesting the film from the rest of the world, casts doubt over how well these revolutions in the Middle East reflect the transition to Democracy, and even peaceful protests against something covered by freedom of speech would accomplish nothing. This all reinforces the stereotype that all Arabs are over-reactive and brutish, which in itself is bad but is being caused through protests over a film that isnt even warranted

  • Hell no.

    Harming innocent individuals is always unjustified. Period. Further more, harming someone simply because they did something you didn't like is both childish, and morally abhorrent. Finally, there is no excuse for killing another human being ever, unless it is in self-defense from an aggressor. The violent protests staged by radical shitlords break all of these, and therefore, are inexcusable. They are bullies, and should be put in their place like bullies should.

  • Peaceful protests are justified, but violent ones aren't

    As I understand it, two Islamphobic religious extremists, one Christian and one Jewish, made this film with the sole purpose of offending Muslims.

    They are a couple of ignorant, bigotted morons - they don’t speak for most Americans or even most Israelis, and their inane little film is not worth Muslims protesting about – but if they do protest, it should be in a peaceful manner.

  • No.

    Violent protests are never warranted unless someone or something is aggressing against you. Making an anti-Islam film isn't aggressing to the degree that violent protests that kill people are justified.

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