Are relaxed gun laws contributing to rising crime rates in the USA?

  • Yes, they are.

    Relaxed gun laws can and do contribute to more crime in society. We see time and time again states whose crime rates raise for many consecutive years after the repeal of a gun restriction. It isn't just coincidence, it is repeated year after year. I believe that restricting gun ownership to people who can be proven fit to own them would greatly reduce gun deaths in this country.

  • Angry, Unhappy People Lead to Rising Crime

    Relaxed gun laws aren't leading to rising crime rates in the United States. Angry, unhappy, drugged-up people are contributing to rising crime rates in America. A lot of people are still out of work and those that do hardly make enough money to stay afloat. It costs a lot to live in the United States and the minimum wage isn't enough in larger cities. With so many people in need of cash, crime rates are going up as more people are unhappy.

  • People will commit crimes with many different weapons, not just guns.

    Guns don't kill people, but people do. A severe lack of morals and ethics and financial stability are what causes rising crime rates. Single-parent homes, joblessness, alcoholism, and drug use all significantly contribute to rising crime. If a person can't find a gun to vent their frustrations, they will simply use their fists, create a bomb from raw materials, or use a knife. A gun just happens to be a quick access way to commit a crime.

  • Guns dont kill people

    No, the gun laws in this country are not relaxed to begin with, they are strict, and guns are not contributing to the rising crime rates in the cities across this country. The reason is a growing number of people who are becoming extremely poor, and beginning to rob and mug.

  • Not really a point

    Relaxed gun laws may, sure, contribute to gun related accidents (after all, there are more guns going around for things to go wrong with), but at the same time, not in the criminal world. There are 300 million guns in the US right now - and criminals and most mass shooters don't buy legally.

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