• Religion and science are compatible.

    No one ever argues that science and philosophy are incompatible, and the same thing can be said about science and religion. First off, most of the arguments I have heard that say religion is outdated are really saying that religious doctrine is outdated and invalidated by science. This is honestly true. Though I am Christian, I believe that most of the Bible is corrupted by human interference. This does not mean the religion is invalidated. Religion deals with the things that science can not explain and can not begin to touch on, such as the possible existence of a god or is there an afterlife. All science says on these subjects is that it can't prove or disprove them. Thus, they fall in the field of religion and philosophy.

  • This post will have two views.

    Science in a General sense tries to factually tell humans about how the world and the universe works . They also try to tell about the creation of the universe and the world which as of this moment has not had solid explanation in their view, just theories. Now, the Bible, (which I believe in) in Judeo-Christianity, Koran in Islamic Faith, and other Holy Books explains to rational beings capable of understanding in a General sense that God created the world. These Holy Books also tell us why it happened. Why are we here? This is what these books tell us. Science and religion have to different primary functions although they were created by the same Eternal God.

  • A problem of Language

    The difference between religion and science is a problem of language. If you're educated enough to understand scientific language then you can spot similarities between religion and science. Some scientific words can have different meanings in everyday life and so people can misunderstand the actual meaning of it. Religion is the same as science but with a supernatural touch added to its actually, they're the same thing but written in different format.

  • Science and religion can both coexist.

    As a Catholic Christian who loves science and believes in evolution, the big bang theory, etc, I think science and religion can both coexist. With science, we can advance technologically and become a more advanced and successful species. With science, we were able to put aside our lack of physical ability compared to other animals and advance higher than all of them. (That is no excuse for arrogance though). With science, we can learn to find ways to save the planet we mistreated and maybe live on another planet one day.
    Religion is something for people to believe in when they feel uncertain about the world and universe. Science can answer a lot of questions, but bring up a lot of unanswered ones. Religion generally answers some of those questions. Religion also helps teach people how to be good instead of evil. People think that religion has corrupted the world and our human race, when in reality, it was just crazy extremists who had power go to their heads.
    In conclusion, science and religion can co-exist. Science helps humanity evolve and strive while religion gives us something to believe in and teaches us how to be good. We should not argue over which one is better than the other, and just respect others' beliefs. Fun fact: the person who came up with the big bang theory was a Catholic priest.

  • Yes, They Must Be

    Religion and science do not contradict each other. Science cannot be contradicted, it should be accepted as fact, regardless of personal philosophy. Religion, or preferably, the supernatural, is the term used to encompass any and all phenomenon that exceeds scientific understanding. So unless you intend to argue that science or religion can independently provide a concrete explanation for every single phenomena that we may or may not have the ability to observe, you are forced to submit to the conclusion that religion and science must be compatible, or at least complimentary.

  • Yes, depending on the religion

    I am a wiccan. I believe learning is the reason I am on earth. Wicca encourages questions, research and knowledge in general. This goes along with self responsibility, self improvement and harming none.

    My view of god is the same as my view of energy, in fact to me they are the same. In non dogmatic religions we can change the "rules" as we learn more and change ourselves. This is a big issue with religion with holy text or that claim they are the only way.

    I encourage all people of science to look into nondogmatic religions before judging religion in general. Abrahamic faith (among a few others) screwed up religions for the rest of the scientists.

  • Science has done more to explain the world around us and improve our lives then millennia of religion.

    Religion and science are fundamentally incompatible. Science explains the natural world not the supernatural world. Because science is best defined by scientific methodology, an accurate understanding of science also means understanding why science is superior to faith, intuition, or any other method of acquiring knowledge. Religion, true to its contradicting ways, both embraces and denounces science. Science never uses religion to advance its position. Religion may need science, but science will never need religion.By every reasonable measure science has improved the lot of humanity by orders of magnitude more than any other institution. The scientific method is the most important discovery in the entire history of the human race.

  • No. They are not.

    The core of both are polar opposites, Faith and Fact. They both oppose the other in one way or another. Religion tends to go against facts and science tends to shake belief. But luckily they seem to conflict less and less as the years go by. Yay no more religious based wars right! The worst case is some idiot fanatic doing something stupid, but that happens annoyingly regularly and usually with pretty horrible results. Now that's mostly between religions but those kinds of people can be set off by anything. So back to the point ,no at the moment they can't coexist but they will eventually. :)

  • Religion and science are not compatible.

    Religion is a faith based supernatural belief community that worships a god or gods.

    Science is the knowledge society or individuals obtained while observing the universe.

    Science involves proof and testable explanations. Religion involves myths that are believed. There have been many religions that have been put on the trash heap of history.

  • They are not compatible

    Science and religion are complete opposites because one deals with faith and beliefs while the other one focuses on proofs, Testable explanations, And labs. THEY ARE POLAR OPPOSITES! Although this topic is controversial, It is clear that the two topics are not compatible what so ever. Thank you!

  • They can't possibly be compatible since one aims to find new ideas and the other tries to kill them.......

    Science and religion are opposites. In science there is no such thing as 100% certainty, every theory is looked at and debated critically, thereby eliminating inconsistencies.
    This process is key to every branch of science.
    It's also the very process that threatens religion the most, since all it does is propose outrageous claims, which it then presents as absolute and eternal facts.......So the exact opposite of what science does.

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