• Yes, but only it's core concepts are

    It's like saying rectangles and squares are the same thing. One is part of another. Religion is not same as spirituality but spirituality is same as religion in the sense that it bases one's belief in something supernatural. Religion includes deities that spirituality doesn't and religion is usually organized and written down and passed on through generations, but the concept of spirituality that underlies religion has been tacitly accepted. I am a spiritualist and not religious, and believes religion is just a way of rationalizing and simplifying the grand notion of spirituality.

  • Atheists Can Be Spiritual Too, Psychics Can Be Atheists:

    I dated a girl who considers herself a psychic which can speak to and channel the departed, she even believes in souls, but, she is an Atheist.
    How Come? You may wonder??? :-D~
    Well to be an Atheist, you need only disbelieve in the existence of a God.
    She believed that the spiritual world, full of souls is a parallel world to our own, without any God (divine ruler) existing.
    So since neither our Objective/Material world has no God and neither does her Subjective/Spiritual have any God, she is definitely an Atheist.

  • This is a tough choice, but I'm going to say no.

    To be religious, you have to be worshiping a god or goddess or gods or goddesses. To be religious, you have to believe that there is a supernatural deity out there that has great influence on your life. To be spiritual you have to believe in the soul and the spirit and how good things and bad things can affect your spirit. For example I have a friend, and she believes in karma, but she doesn't believe in any deity. She is spiritual, but not religious. Usually spirituality and religion go hand in hand, but there are cases such as this one that prove that people can be spiritual but not religious. I don't know about religious but not spiritual, I don't think that that is a thing. (Oh and before you guys say, "how can she believe in karma but no deity? Who enforces the justice if she does bad or the rewards if she does good?' she says that if she picks up litter, the world will be a cleaner place, and that is a reward unto itself, if she is nice to people, people will most likely be nice back, and if she helps a friend out, they will eventually return the favour. So it's not EXACTLY karma since she doesn't believe that her rewards will return to her to decide what she is going to be in her next life, she believes that she can reap the rewards in this life and then when she finally dies, her soul will be clean. [because she believes in souls])

  • Concept and Method

    Religion is a method or an institution to express the belief in spirituality. Spirituality has common ground; religion expresses it subjectively based on geographical, social, political and various other factors. No religious act can violate or contradict the fundamentally valued beliefs of spirituality. Spirituality talks about the "spirit" and is concerned only with its many forms, actions and concept whereas religion extends or implements these concepts in a perceivable way.

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