• Rationality can only exist if the Supernatural exists

    A. Rationality requires Free Will.
    B. Free will can only exist in a universe where the supernatural exists.
    C. Therefore, belief in rationality requires belief in the supernatural.
    D. Religious beliefs by definition mean a belief in the supernatural.
    E. Therefore religious beliefs have the possibility of being rational while strict materialism does not.

    Thus, having religious beliefs is more rational than not having religious beliefs.

  • Human Need to Explain Unknown Makes Sense

    Humans have a rational need to explain their world. When science fails, religion kicks in. Religion and spirituality are rational offshoots of the human nature to question why things happen. Why does God allow violence to exist? How can we explain near-death-experiences? Dreams are measured by brain scans. There is no reason why God or spiritual experiences can't be measured either.

  • It depends on the belief...

    Many religious beliefs are rational: Don't kill, don't steal, don't lie ect. If they had no utilitarian value, ie-- create a better community, they would probably fall away. But there are beliefs that are irrational-- that cannot be support by reason eg. Jesus resurrected. And rationalizing isn't the same as actually being rational. Rational mean has a logical or reasonable basis. Also, beliefs can be more rational than others, depending on the evidence.

  • You must not believe in God to be rational. God made you rational already.

    We are born with a sense of morality that only gets stronger as we grow (either to grow in a good direction or a rebellious direction). Our Free Will is what allows us to make this distinction between right and wrong; and to not just make a distinction but to actually choose to be bad or good no matter what our moral compass is saying is right.

    Our rationality and morality has to come from God, a supernatural being. Because frankly, humans would not be moral if we evolved from lower beings than oursleves.

    When an animal kills another animal it is strictly for one purpose with no hidden intention. So how do we evolve into something that never existed?

  • There is some greater power for sure and people name it God

    If there is bad there is certainly good. Supernatural, God ,magic, witchcraft, sorcery and aliens are to be believed in. There are mystical creatures alive in this world ,all those things we dreamt of as a child, evil or good. I believe that if there is a name ,it sure did exist somewhere and maybe even does right now, maybe in parallel universe but it does. God's case is the same no one can prove His existence but no one can prove that he is none too. I believe in Him cause if he has a name he is sure to exist.

  • They are Rational -- Doesn't mean they are TRUE

    Rationality is simply using reason and logic to come to a conclusion. We all use the rational (opposed to the emotional) parts of our brain daily, but we often use it MORE when our emotions tell us we are wrong about something.

    When a religious person is confronted with something that challenges their beliefs, their emotional brain centers will fire off feelings. To counter the feelings of doubt (which are likely sub-conscious), the rational centers of the brain go to work in order to provide reasonable and logical evidence to back up the belief system.

    I have a feeling that those who say "No" to this question are answering a different question, perhaps "Are religious beliefs true" or some other word. Rational, they are. True, that's not set in stone.

    But if you're a religious person, you'll likely be thinking of a bunch of reasons why religious beliefs -- yours specifically -- are true, and those thoughts are coming from the rational part of your brain.

    Religious beliefs are rational, to a fault.

  • Not based on evidence

    Religious beliefs are based off of fantasy or emotion. "I'm using Abrahamic religions cause i was raised Christian" When Genesis gives us dimensions of an ark that was used to store 7 "not 2... 7" of every "clean" animal in the world and 2 of every unclean animal in the world, and enough food to feed them, when you look at the dimensions of the ark, you realize it is impossible. When you look at the evidence for the possibility of a flood... And find out it is impossible there is no rational basis for believing it. Religious beliefs are emotional "it makes you feel good" they are not rational.

  • Typically, no.

    The majority of modern-day religions tend to stress the concept of "faith," which, by definition is a belief that lacks supporting evidence. Moreover, not only do religious beliefs generally lack evidence to back them up, but many times actually contradict other ideas and concepts which do possess supporting evidence, such as in the case with the Bible and evolution; therefore, I would assert that religious beliefs are typically irrational.

  • Not really

    Most religions promote peace which is a great thing but their beliefs are still not too rational. Quite a few religions believe in order to please their God they must kill other people who believe in other things. That is not rational at all. It would be unfair though to tell one religion their beliefs are irrational but tell another religion their beliefs are fine so no, religious beliefs in general are not rational.

    Posted by: jus
  • Not at all

    Religious beliefs are not rational at all, and any person would say they are not, if their own beliefs were presented in a different way. For example, if someone told you someone that believed he was the son of God, died and was resurrected, most people would not believe. However, all Christians believe this is what happened to Jesus Christ. Religion does not explain any part of the universe. In my opinion, it just causes people to ask more questions and leaves many even more confused.

  • No, it just doesn't make sense

    Religious beliefs are not rational because they simply don't make sense. Many ideas in religion, such as virgin birth or a flood of the whole earth, are things that simply would never ever happen. Ever. These things are not realistic, and therefore blindly following and believing them is not rational because any rational person would realize how absurd these ideas are. A lot of religion is based around listening and following what you're told without active thought and question, which I think makes it more irrational and less based in calm belief.

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