• Gallop polls agree

    Several Gallop polls state that people with higher IQs generally do not believe in god. And the majority of academics (people with higher IQs than the general public) do not believe in god. Do you think the earth is 6000 years old? Do you believe faith healing works? Did an old man make a boat big enough to fit two of every animal on earth? If you answered yes to any of these questions then I would say you're lacking in the intelligence department.

  • Stupid questiion. Of course they are and believers don't know it.

    For example afterlife.

    Once the brain comes without fresh blood, all brain activity stops. So after your brain dies you cannot think anymore, if you cannot think you have no consciousness‎. After death you become nothing and that is the same state you were in 9 months before you were born. Brainless.

    People used to think heaven and hell were literally above and below ground. Then planes were invented. Yet religious people still believe in heaven after life. Now they say it's ghostly dimension stuff... But souls do not exist as they have no brain.

    But who am I trying to convince here. Religious people will still believe in their silly stories and waste their life. Have fun with that.

  • Believing in your religion to such an extent, that you ignore all other scientific facts. IGNORANCE IS STUPIDITY

    It is very clear, due to first hand account and the account of my friends, that a lot of (Americans in particular) are very dependent on God and their religion. This poses a problem because a lot of these dependent people will literally ignore all scientific evidence to any sort of situation and simply take "god's word for it". Not only that but they might even ignore common logic for religion, such as the recent debate whether or not gay marriage should be legalized. If I am not correct, I may be wrong, the Bible (or any religious texts for that matter) don't specify on who you should marry specifically; thus rendering their arguments invalid and so leading them to a certain extent of "dumb". If I can also recall properly, there was once an article in the Newspaper stating that schools in some southern state in the United States was not accepting the fact that evolution occurred and ignored the steps towards evolution. Although evolution is still a theory, it is just so easy to look at and understand the fact that this is a process very well capable of occurring and it is something us humans should ignore. To finish off my argument: A lot of religious people will ignore real facts and base all of their knowledge on religion; thus ignorance can clearly be represented as idiocy.
    My friend, however, wants to be an asshole and would like to give a statement out to all religious followers states: #prayforreligiousidiots
    P.S.: My friend here is an Athiest Jew who supports gay marriage and equality while still believing in the theory of evolution. Thank You. :D

  • I think they lower IQs.

    Education accounts for religious belief in many cases. If you do not have excess to learning materials, you will believe whatever local traditions are in the vicinity of where you live. Some people do not learn from the material presented--I would say the vast majority of people who profess religious belief simply are slow learners and not those who lack exposure to other materials. People who are more intelligent will cast off more fanciful religious teachings. The problem with simply stating that one lacks education, and, therefore, will be equally bright as another person who has it is that people with lower IQ's simply do not seek education because the material is interpreted as boring to them. They are unable to integrate knowledge or relate it back to themselves for the very reason that they are not as intelligent.

  • It's really very simple.

    An individual has an equal chance of being born into any culture in any part of the world. If born in the US one would most likely be brainwashed with Christianity. In Pakistan you'd probably be a Muslim. In Haiti you'd bleed out chickens and poke needles into dolls to exact your revenge. Most of the religions of the world reject the beliefs of other "gods" because they just "know" they've picked the right one. One part ego, another part tradition, another part psychological control of the masses. It all equals ignorance. It must be nice being able to completely shut down your brain and explain away every monkey wrench thrown into your life as "god's plan". Ignorance truly is bliss.

  • No, That would be typecasting.

    Just because someone has faith and believes in a higher power and something that they cannot tangibly see, touch, and feel does not make them stupid. There are just as many college graduates that are religious as there are people who are not religious. To just cast a blanket statement like that over an entire group would make me question ones intelligence.

  • Most scientists now believe in God.

    Years ago scientists believed that science could explain the universe and there was no God, but the more science learned, the more we see that the universe is a perfect system, far to complex to be here by accident. It all points to intelligent design.

    Those who believe in God have not been brainwashed, no sane adult would just except this story without serious research. Those who believe in God have considered the question deeply, have studied the Bible and the historical, physical and spiritual evidence all around the world and have come to the conclusion that it is true. Atheists are unaware of this for most have never taken the time to study it.

  • Religion increases human intelligence.

    The very first man to walk on this earth didn't have scientific technology to answer the questions that arise in our lives today. He got his answers from religion his believes and his lord. Thus, this allowed him to survive on this planet and continue the human race. There are many things that religion has taught us such as; peace, love, and respect. Without it the world would be a place of animals, and nothing else.

  • No, religious people aren't more unintelligent than anyone else.

    The notion that religious people are "less intelligent" than everyone else is a hateful myth perpetuated by anti-religious bigots who like pointing out people like Pat Robertson and the Westboro Church as prime examples of just how "stupid" the religious are. There are, of course, religious people who believe that the world was made in 7 days, that certain people are going to hell, and that Darwinism is a lie. But you know what? There are non-religious people who believe ridiculous things, too, like the fact that one race of people are controlling all the money or that some races are more inferior than others and need to be exterminated. The point is that unintelligence takes place in many forms, not just in the religious.

  • No. This would be typecasting.

    Making a blanket statement about someone's intelligence by judging an entire group, a significant percentage of the world's population, based upon their religious beliefs is ludicrous. There are just as many college graduates that are religious as there are graduates that are not religious. Probably more actually. To just cast this wide net over all of the people of faith in the world would make me question one's intelligence.

  • It's not just about IQ's.

    It requires a large amount of analytical intelligence to study something like a Bible. I am not religious myself but I do find theology fascinating.
    Do I understand any of it? Do I Hell!
    I have met a few less intelligent religious people however the same can be said for Atheists. How does one measure their own intelligence?
    I don't believe an IQ test is a fair way to measure every individuals approach to different problems.
    To believe in something blindly though shows me a great lack of critical thinking which I think is essential in many intellectual endeavors. To think we have all the answers now however and that any faith is ignorance is in its self ignorant.
    This is the way I see it.

  • It is unintelligent to generalize.

    Generalizations tend to be extremely unintelligent. I have known religious people who were smarter than any atheist I have ever met. I have also met bigoted moronic theists, who thought that they would go to hell if they got a tattoo or that we should persecute homosexuals. On the other hand, I have met bigoted atheists who are obsessed with attacking religious people, sometimes in a very ignorant way. Essentially, people are people. Some of us are bigoted, and some are not. Some of us are stupid, and some of us are intelligent. People who simply do not want to think are both theist and atheist. They choose their position because they were raised that way, or they had a respectable authority figure who thought that way, etc. They are easy to spot, as they tend to be the people parroting their leaders. Whether one is religious or not has nothing to do with intelligence.

  • Believing in possibilities does not mean stupidity...

    There is no such thing as an absolute not (unless mathematically).
    People believed that… it is impossible to fly, to explore miles under water, generate light, to equate light/ gravity/ etc., to go into outer space, to talk to people thousand of miles away, etc. Those people (scientists, inventors, & engineers) were rejected and laughed at society for being "unrealistic" and look at them now. We are appreciating them (Wright Bros, Thomas Edison, Isaac Newton, Alexander Graham Bell, Albert Einstein, etc.).

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