• Reptiles are better for now

    Reptiles can do a lot of things but robots can do many more if given more time to develop. Right now, Reptiles are better than robots because of the amount of things they did. But rest assured robots will most definitely surpass reptiles in at least 10 years from now

  • I go with both

    I like them Both the Same, But I prefer Some Reptiles over Some Robots and I prefer Some Robots over some Reptiles. But i prefer Dinosaur Raptors over Robots, You know Reptiles are cooler but mostly Iguanas and Velociraptors Because they can be Hybrid but i made it up and Including a Robot who transforms into an Iguana-Raptor

  • Robots just have so much more value.

    Thinking about their role in society, An absence of robotic technology would limit our societal advancement far more than losing reptiles. Robots make our daily life easier and more enjoyable. For "coolness", Reptiles are at best, Entertaining to look at. The dinosaurs are dead, And the majority of living reptiles are pretty underwhelming.

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