• Yes they are awful. I would like you guys to vote them out please.

    Here are some abhorrent facts about the republican.
    Gun control :
    Republican doesn't really care about public safety. They are being supported and finance by the NRA group. They advocate for arming teachers and sell as much guns as possible. They also oppose all gun safety law. And funny things is, that most of the politicians are being owned by the NRA, and the NRA has so much power in the congress because of the republican. Majority of other democrats,independents, and liberals support gun control measures and strongly oppose the NRA.
    LGBT rights :
    They have been against gay rights, gay marriage, and anti discrimination law especially apply for homosexual.
    Health care :
    They also hate any initiative which provide health care to the poor, unemployed, disabled, or those for any other reason cannot afford healthcare.
    Environment :
    They have been also very ignorant on environment issues. They have been in favor of burning oils, coals, and adding more nuclear power. They also deny any climate change.
    Taxes :
    While liberals acknowledge that government costs money, and needs taxes... Liberals attempt to ease the burden of this through a progressive tax system where the wealthy are taxed more, and the poorest are perhaps not even taxed at all. Republicans feel that their money is theirs, don't tax them at all, slash taxes wherever possible.If they are taxed they want the poorest people to pay exactly the same as the rich.

    And lastly........

    Foreign Policy, Terrorism and Wars :
    epublicans tend to be more war oriented than liberals. They favor a U.S. dominated world. They disdain the U.N and Europe. Republicans tend to be less knowledgeable about other cultures. They oppose nuclear disarmament.

    To sum up.

    Republican are malicious corrupted politicians. Their party should be disbanded and dismantle, and republicians should be arrested and convicted.

    I also support imprisoned NRA members since NRA are merely a domestic terrorist group. Just like ISIS, why we don't outlawed them ?

    But imprisonment is not enough. All of them should receive death penalty. They deserve to die in a most excruciating way !!!!!!

  • Yes republicans are really really bad

    Many times republicans are in favor of laws that discriminate against minorities such as women,LGBT,blacks,hispanics or people of color.

    Such as do you know that in USA more than half of it's state does not have implemented non discrimination law on LGBT ? Not only LGBt but people of color and blacks also as well.

    Republicans also has been suppress poor people. They also oppose gay marriage,parenting, and adoption and advocating for laws that criminalize homosexuality.

    Republicans politicians should be voted out. They deserve no longer to be in the office. They contribute nothing but causing serious harm to american society.


  • Just don't anymore.

    When you have people like Donald Trump representing the republican party, It is not legitimate. The Republicans were good and respectable in the time of Ronald Reagan, But they have lost all credibility since. I understand an equal balance and all. When the U. S is filled with ignorance and incompetence, You are bound to achieve a result which would be worse for the country, Like the last election result. Donald Trump has done so many disappointing and terrible things.

    I did not agree with Hilary and the way she operated but she was a much better candidate then trump.

    My overall decision is 'yes', If the Republicans remain in their current state, But 'no' if they reverted back to their ways of good. I remember when the republicans were the people really pushing for the abolishment of slavery during the time of Lincoln.

  • They are not.

    I think that both sides want the best for the people. They just disagree on what is best and/or the best method.
    As far as the politicians, it seems like republicans tend to stand by their political beliefs but are willing to compromise to achieve a greater goal. In contrast, I have noticed democrats changing with the wind. One day, they are for a wall and the next oppose it. They tend to be less likely to comprise and are willing to shut down our government, in an attempt to get their way.

  • Some are, But some Democrats are bad as well.

    What happens when you look at American politics you see two groups of people with different views and no over-lap.
    When you say republicans are bad, You're looking at only some republicans. Many republicans are LGBTQ+ and support gender equality.
    Same when looking at Democrats. You only look at some of them. Many democrats are ageist illegal immigrants and pro-gun rights.
    The hostilities between both sides make it hard to see that. In the end the two parties keep each other in balance.

  • I don't lime them BUT,

    In order to keep this country from falling into dismay we need an equal amount of both sides of the argument, Every time the scale has tipped towards one side of the argument the country has fallen apart and it has never been for the better so, IT IS EXACTLY LIKE SAYING WE NEED TO KICK OUT LIBERALS, BOTH IDEAS ARE BAD.

  • Without 2 sides to a story, You create propaganda that brainwashes.

    It's always good to keep your ideas in check and there truly is no right answer so why is someone that disagrees bad? Maybe I like cookie dough ice cream and you don't but I won't think of you as a bad person just because you don't like cookie dough ice cream

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