• They Are Extreme

    The Republican Party's policies are kind of extreme. Some of the issues they are fighting for and believe in are ridiculous. I think the American people are aware of it too. There are more Democrats in the Senate and the President is Democrat as well because of this. You can also look at some of the Republicans who just won a new seat in the House or Senate. They are more liberal because people refuse to vote for these ridiculous Republicans.

  • The Republican party has become a party of a few.

    The Republican party has become a party where the views of only a few are allowed. Any view that even barely alters from their ultra-conservative. they say it is liberal or too extreme. As the days go by the view and policies of the Republican Party move more and more to the extreme right. If anything this past election has shown is that they long for a time when woman rights, racial and social issues were on par with the 50's. They also look to restrict any legislation that would broaden those rights or help others who may not be able to help themselves.

  • Yes, they almost seem like a cult.

    Much to my surprise, I learned during this past election that a great many Republicans had signed a pledge presented by Grover Norquist to never agree to raising taxes. Grover Norquist is a private citizen, and yet he is holding sway over almost all of the Republican members of Congress, when the Congress is supposed to be representing the voting public, not just one citizen. The Republican Party is also held captive by religious extremists to the extent that they need their backing and so have to adopt extremist views, even when Republican moderates know better.

  • No, Republican policies are generally moderate and a reflection of many or most Americans.

    It is common now a days for both parties to accuse the other of being 'extreme'. The fact is however that neither Republicans or Democrats are really extreme, and in fact have mostly centrist positions. Republican policies are generally supported by large portions of the American public, if not the majority, and often in fact are not that different from Democrats. Only in the political arena are the small differences between the two parties whipped up by partisans to be constructed as 'extreme'.

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