• Trump lowers taxes

    He makes the military better and I'm 8 and posting this he lowers that ransome you gota pay "taxes" so you got more money for a house food water via it's bad for people who receive taxes but realy they set there and get 20 million are 20 million while we set there and work and get 200 dollars so trump saves money and makes this a strong and healthy contry

  • Democrats are broke ass motherfuckers

    Look at Trump, He may have low IQ, But it seems like people always forget that he's a billionaire. His average annual net worth is 3. 1 BILLION USD, HOLY SHIT! I wish I have his wealth! He's so wealthy every website and article mentions that he's the richest president. Name one Democrat or any other president who's wealthier than Trump, None! Of course, He went through bankruptcy but that's part of owning so many businesses.

    Posted by: HEAT
  • Republicans are better because

    Democrats have turned to socialism, Something we all talked about in grade school as being bad, First of all capitalist societies have been proven to be more successful than any other economic system. With Beto O’ Rourke as an example, He was so socialist, He may as well have been a communist. Hillary Clinton was a criminal, And is even being investigated. Republicans bring lower taxes, Better chances for economic growth and don’t have to be offended by everything on earth like the libtards. Donald Trump has been a miracle for our country, With stopping illegals, Lowering taxes, And helping veterans with healthcare, Instead of Obama (I am disgusted by Obama) using the practically socialist ObamaCare, And basically giving vets the bare minimum in healthcare, And not giving much choice on what doctors they get to go to. Obama’s terms were some of America’s absolute worst years. I am ProTrump and I hope the wall goes up. Afterall republicans are known as the grand old party. GOP is awesome and you should register as a republican today.

  • Republicans are better

    Republicans want a country where Americans come first, Which is what the constitution states. They also don’t want government to be involved in their businesses. All of the Democrats are poor people Bc they want government to pay for everything. They also do not care about the debt of America

  • Democrats. . . More like DemoCRAPS. . .

    I believe that Republicans are the better party because Their view on Gun control are better, The Democrats are trying to take away the 2nd amendment which would be unconstitutional which would be illegal without taking the proper action which they most likely won't do. The Democrats idea on fixing the drug pandemic is to put more law enforcement around to catch people doing afore mentioned drugs, While Republicans believe that fixing people without the use of law enforcement would be better.

  • Fuck liberal cunts

    Liberals do nothing but try to help the minority while harming the majority. They also like to take from the rich and give to the poor instead of finding a way to benefit both parties. Fuck all liberals hope you all rot in hell for the many disasters you have brought upon this great nation!

  • Republicans are important to the nation

    Republicans prevent terrorizm and keep the country safe. Just because you don’t like Donald Trump doesn’t mean you should say he is bad. The reason why he is blocking the southern USA is he wants you to be safe and he is trying to protect you from potential terrorists coming from other countries. He is not trying to be racist. He is trying to protect the nation. Bob Hugin is a republican but he is trying to protect you from bob menendes who has been convicted of sexual crimes.

  • Republicans - The Obvious Choice

    Now I Being A Republican Myself Think That We Are The Better Choice; But I Have My Reasons. Lets Start Off With Gun Control; The Fact That Liberals Want This To Be A Thing Is Ridiculous! We Need Guns In Order To Protect Ourselves; And Even If This Was Legalized What's The Point? People Are Still Able To Purchase Guns Illegally Through Places Like The Black Market Or Dark Web. Now Yes I Understand That They Are Doing This To Protect Children In Schools, But The Child Could Just Bring A Knife If They Don't Have A Gun; It's Just As Dangerous! Now Lets Talk About Illegal Immigration; I Know We Want People To Have A Better Life Here In America, But I Don't Want People Coming In Illegally And Stealing My Job Opportunities! Some Also Try To Smuggle Illegal Drugs Into America; Which I Highly Disapprove Of! Now On The Topic Of Homosexual Marriage; I Myself Am Okay With It, But I Don't Want To See Them Making Out In The Streets! Their Whole Holiday Is Stupid; They Whine About Not Being Equal And How Everyone Makes A Big Deal About It, But They Make A Big Deal About It Themselves! They Judge People For Hating Them, When Some Of Them Hate Heterosexuals; And It's Okay For Them To Judge, What's Up With That! People Are Allowed To Have An Opinion, Thank You! Plus The Gender Fluid Thing, Where They Can Switch Genders Base On How They Feel And Their Personality That Day Is Ridiculous! You Can't Be A Female One Day, A Male The Next, And Then Nothing Another Day! You Liberals Are Just A Joke; Honestly You People Don't Belong In Government Office, You're Like Children!

  • Republicans are better

    Republicans believe in reducing your taxes. Less taxes mean more money in your wallets. Trump has already passed a tax cut and is planning on passing a 10% tax cut just for the middle class. Republicans believe in free speech whereas democrats want to get rid of your right to free speech just like Canada and European countries. The economy has grown over a 3% average over the past 12 months. Obama couldn't do this in his 8 year tenure.

  • Of Course They Are & Smarter.

    Republicans Are:
    1) Pro-American. 2) Pro-Freedom. 3) Pro-Civil Rights. 4) Anti-Terrorism. 5) Anti-Tyranny. 6) Pro-Anthem. 7) Pro-Constitution. 8) Pro-Liberty. 9) Pro-Life. 10) Pro-Pledge. 11) Not Greedy. 12) Anti-Globalism. 13) Anti-Marxism. 14) Pro-Facts. 15) Anti-Sex Offender. 16) Anti-Murder.

    Demorats (Democrats) Are:
    1) Anti-American. 2) Anti-Constitutuion. 3) Anti-Rights. 4) Anti-Freedom. 5) Anti-Liberty. 6) Intolerant. 7) Hateful. 8) Sexist. 9) Racists. 10) Pro-Sex Offender. 11) Pro-Murder. 12) Pro-Slavery. 13) Pro-Terrorism. 14) Pro-Tyranny. 15) Anti-Anthem. 16) Anti-Life. 17) Pro-Globalism. 18) Marxists. 19) Anti-Facts. 20) Greedy. 21) Anti-Civil Rights. 22) Pro-Segregation.

  • Democrats are better.

    Democrats are nice and fix what the republican party screws up!!😝 The republicans go into office, screw up,democrats go into office, clean it up etc. Etc. Democrats are very helpful to society. We would not have gotten this far in the last 6 years if Obama wasn't in office. Thats why republicans are worse!

  • Republicans want us to return to the 1950's.

    Look at their policies. They do not believe in progress but rather returning us to the stone age. They are anti-gay, anti-poor, anti-minority. They do not remember that immigrants built this nation and that immigration is a good thing. They are afraid that white men will no longer be the majority but it is only a matter of time.

  • No party is superior

    I am a republican myself, but I wont go so far to say that we are better than democrats. With this two party system America has, I don't think anyone's beliefs will ever completely match those of either party. There will always be little exceptions. Both parties have flaws, for example, democrats can be pretty hypocritical. They bash America constantly for being a sexist and racist country, but want illegals to come here for a "better life." The real reason they want them here is to get free votes. Sometimes republicans can be a little old fashioned by trying to stop things that are inevitable like homosexuality. Banning gay marriage on a national level is too extreme.(Just like legalizing it would be). I say we let the states decide. I don't think there is a degree of these flaws either.

  • They both have their flaws

    But if it weren't for democrats. . . The US would have become 3rd world like. . . Middle class would disappear and you will either be rich, Or poor. Republicans have diversity issues, The treat women like the middle eastern religions, And this new wave of republicans have a nazi/confederate attitude. They want to take us backwards and remain in the stone henge. . . . They also deny immigration. . . The list goes on and on.

  • I use to believe rush limbaugh but not anymore.

    Democrats have moved to far left on many things for me but the Republicans have moved to far to the right to be the party of Lincoln or Reagan in their recipricating nasty and underhanded vengful tactics. To many forgo debating the Facts or merits of a point of view and let us decide who won the debate. The mainstream media has much to do with this dimal result as they have been the gatekeepers of public opinion through determining what to report and clever editing along with strong proclivity for sensational scandal mongering to stir up ratings which their flawed industry relys on. The media and now bloggers have piled on to make the Goverment disfinctional and a gladitorial blood sport. Not to mention that 85% of the mainstream media journalists are members of one party. Republicans now act like cornered animals and have lost their humanity. We stood for something Virtuious during the civil rights era and in the 80s when people like Mark O'Hatfield and Dick Kemp, Or John Kasich were willing to hammer out compromise on areas the the parties could find common ground on. Now its the party of Trump, The most Narcissistic self promoting bold faced lying asshole usually found in the old democratic party. Think The dixiecrats of the old south. Republicans and Democrats are destoying the nation equally.

  • Neither party is better

    I left the Republican party due to it's values over the past 10 years. They are pro life yet resent the idea of taking care of the children that are birthed. The paint everyone other than themselves as bad ... Regan generalized all on welfare as welfare queen as black with lots of babies by different men (very unfair characterization yet GOP loves it and it gets votes). Same GOP that have affairs and ask mistresses to have abortions (evidently they are closet abortion supporters). Same GOP that feels divorce is necessary (per Bible this is immoral) then double down of homosexuality and abortion as immoral issues. Same GOP (under Trump) that likes trash talk of grabbing women by the pussy (I think all GOP men must like this thinking as none are even remotely bothered by it). Same GOP that no longer deals in science but instead in conspiracy theory. Same GOP that ignores that wages have been stagnate yet corporations are already making record profits and corporations still need more incentive to stay in this country via tax breaks. Same GOP that loves Reganomics yet Reganomics has never worked not even in time of Regan's presidency. Same GOP that wants middle class workers to become low income wage earners so that the 1% can prosper more .. Their war on good wages and benefits (nothing to GOP is sustainable except tax breaks for the rich). The GOP is for rich white men ... I a a middle class white female ... The GOP is full of arrogant white men who need guns to prove they are men.

    Posted by: nkh
  • Why did elephants pick trump?

    He made 6 unconstitutional proposals during his campaign. Does he really think he is above the constitution? He is the most controversial president ever elected. Mocking the disabled reporter, trying to take away Obama Care only because he has heard it's bad by social media like fox news, and lord have mercy....He likes Alex Jones on Brietbart (Brietbart is very much a load of BS)

  • They both suck

    Seriously, I will never understand how either group gets off on telling others that they are better. They are both part of the problem.
    I mean, let's think about this; dems had Bill, who managed to get fought getting a bj. And Reps had Bush.... Need I really say more?

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