• Democrat is the new cool.

    In recent times it has become more and more prevalent that the Republican stance on many issues is considered ignorant and warmongering. The American people want to hear about hope and find answers to America's social problems. This is clearly evident with our current presidency. During his tenure health care, gay and lesbians in the military, and welfare programs give people what they demand. These things are not taboo anymore.

  • Yes, Republicans are out of touch.

    Republicans are well out of touch with how culture is today, with values that are well outdated and far too narrow. Republicans are out of touch with the state of the population at large, such as the need for economic reform, as well as the need for change to allow gays their freedoms like everyone else.

  • Republicans must become for tolerant

    The Republican Party, I support it by the way, has to become more socially tolerant if it wants to win elections. It is sad that the party continues to use the term "limited government" to describe its position when it continues its want to control Americans' social lives. They should become more of a libertarian party (fiscal conservatism, social liberalism).

  • Yes, Republicans are losing the American culture war.

    I do believe that Republicans are losing the American culture war, and this point is emphasized with the re-election of President Barack Obama. I believe that Obama is on the winning side of the American culture war, and is using this to his advantage to continually beat the Republicans at this type of war.

  • No, but the Democrats are winning.

    I do not believe that the Republicans are "losing" the culture war, but I do believe that the Democrats are winning it. The Democrats have just been good at portraying themselves as the more modern, forward thinking party. Even though they can't support it, it is still very appealing to uninformed Americans.

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