• Yes, the Republicans are losing the sequestration battle.

    While they are trying to play the long term game of deficit reduction, it is fair to say that Republicans, in general, are losing the political and public relations battle regarding the budget and the sequester. People are tired of the government doing nothing, and that's exactly what is happening today.

  • Yes, They Are

    All one has to do to is to look at the news to see that the republicans are indeed losing the battle in regards to government spending. No one is looking forward to the cuts that will be affecting our nation, starting tomorrow. They are losing the battle for sure.

  • Yes, They Are Definitely Losing

    The Republican party always comes off looking like the obstinate blockers in this fiscal cliff matters. The public has quite often shown through polls and the recent election that they are not buying Republican ideas regarding not raising taxes on the wealthy. Every time they have tried to sell that message, they have lost.

    Posted by: rpr
  • They are winning by far in the long term

    Historically, I believe that the Republicans will be looked back on as those who tried to save the country from fiscal collapse and crushing debt. The sequestration battle is simply symbolism, it is an example of the Republicans actually standing up for their morals and cutting an institution that they would usually defend, the military. The democrats on the other hand, are refusing to put in to place a program they created because it would cause jobs to be lost. That is hypocritical to start, the military does not create wealth, it destroys wealth, when something is built by the military it will most likely be destroyed in war, that we are using precious natural resources to antagonize other nations is absurd!

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