• Democrats have not done anything in 5 years, almost 6

    I believe the Republicans have what it takes to turn this great country. With the Republicans taking over the Senate in a little more than a month, I believe they will halt every bad thing Obama has been trying to do. Obama will have no choice but to be more like Clinton, who had to give in to the Republican.

  • Democrats and Republicans are practically the same nowadays.

    Aside from social issues like gun control, abortion, and gay marriage, Democrats and Republicans are pretty much the same party. No more is the balance between the two parties present; instead, they go head-to-head, each of them mutually insuring nothing gets done without executive orders from the president. Most of the people Congress are corporate, war-mongering, greedy aristocrats that cherry-pick the Constitution the same way a modern-day Christian cherry-picks the Bible and who'll do anything to get the country on their own agenda, with the exception of a few reasonable souls who are drastically overshadowed. Regardless of which party is in power, this country is going to the dogs.

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