Are Republicans to blame for Detroit's bankruptcy?

  • Yes yes yes

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  • The people of Detroit are responsible for their own problems

    The Republicans have had little influence in the city since the early '60s. It wasn't the Republicans that raised taxes again and again or spent money the city didn't have or cut police services in the early to mid 70s's and let the crime rate soar and soar. Nor did it elect corrupt city officials as virtually all of them were Democrats.

  • Detroit Clung to a decadent past.

    Detroit was running out of funds, because people were leaving the city by the thousands. What was the democrat response? Well we'll just raise taxes to the breaking point, encouraging people to continue to abandon the city of Detroit.

    The real issue, was that Detroit became gluttonous during their golden age and when the warning signs arose that the city's policies and budget outlook were an issue, they did nothing to combat the impending issue.

    Republicans are simply happy Detroit went bankrupt, because its a beacon to why Democrat policies do not work in a Free Market/Globalized economy.

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