• Yes, they are the ones who have issues they won't budge on.

    Both sides do have a position on what they want to see happen, but the Republicans have kept things stalemated for so long that this situation could have been hashed out long ago. Most people think it is necessary to accept things in the short run to avoid the sequestration, so if it comes down to it people will blame the Republicans when it happens.

  • Yes, Republicans don't cooperate.

    In 2011 the Democrats wanted to make defense cuts and stop the Bush tax era benefits for families making over 250,000 dollars a year. Republicans didn't cooperate with the Democrats, because they didn't want the country to become too dependent. Instead of working with the President, the Republicans are making things worse.

  • Almost entirely, yes

    While I'm not going to back the recent performance of elected Democrats, this is almost exclusively on the Republican party. They allow literally nothing to get done, first to try to get Obama not re-elected and now out of bitterness that he did. Nothing gets done in a two party system when one party will block anything proposed because they're whiny manbabies.

  • Yes, They Have Unreasonable Demands

    The president and the Democratic Party have often offered many compromises, but some hardline republicans refuse to budge. Some taxes need to go up, but the Republican Party is filled with people who will oppose any tax increases no matter what. That's not negotiations; that's just wanting to have things your way all the time.

    Posted by: rpr
  • Yes, the rich don't care about anyone else, and they are to blame for all this mess!

    We are slowly building an America of two classes, the poor and the rich. It is hard for me to understand the level of carelessness exhibited lately by those who run this country that has been going backwards, and their thinking nothing of the safety or well-being of those who actually pay the bills. US! We are at a time when rich people want it all and corporate pay is at its all time high. Meanwhile the middle class is not able to pay its bills due to high prices everywhere, like grocery stores, gas stations, electricity, and everywhere else the rich can possibly think of to take the middle class with the poor straight into poverty. The rich should pay much more than they do, if only to ease the burden on the middle class, or whatever is left of it. God help us if something does not change. People need to stop being lazy about educating themselves and stop supporting radical movements that are destroying democracy.

  • I am pretty sure Obama asked for Sequestration...

    If I am not mistaken, it was Barack Obama who asked for Sequestration. Obama's own economic adviser even admitted this. Jack Lew, in his confirmation hearings, conceded on February 13 that the sequester originated in the White House. On Tuesday February 19, press spokesman Jay Carney admitted “The sequester was something that was discussed… and as has been reported, it was an idea that the White House put forward.”

    Of course, these clear admissions that Obama parented the sequester are being furiously spun (The Republicans made him do it), but the words are not subject to misinterpretation. So it is true. Obama is fighting against his own program, while blaming his opponents! It can’t be clearer than that.

    Despite this conclusive evidence that Obama himself proposed the sequester, the media sat on its hands as the President falsely excoriated the Republicans for originating and insisting on the sequester. They stood by as the President ludicrously accused the Republicans of deliberately inflicting harm on sick children so that their filthy rich supporters could have their corporate jets. The press spread the myth that the President was above the fray and was working hard to save ordinary Americans from his vicious foes.

  • Whos election was it for?

    The whole thing along with the debt limit and the fiscal cliff were all ways for Obama to get away with doing nothing to address our spending problems before the election or have to do anything to solve the problems, instead kick the can down the road until after the election. A number of white house staffers, the president's press secretary, and some prominent democrats have all said the idea originated in the white house. As far as the negotiations, after it was enacted congress tried to water it down, and then the president/candidate (to look tough on the deficit) said he would veto any attempt to water down or remove the sequester. Now that it has come full circle, and we are passed the fiscal cliff deal where congress approved the tax increases on the rich the president so desired, without one spending cut, the president now wants more tax increases and has still not offered 1 specific item for cuts.
    Iron, a day after the sequester took effect, we gave hundreds of millions to Egypt, we gave them many tanks and something like 20 of our fighter jets. Ya the same country where our flags were replaced with Al Qaeda flags at the embassy a few months ago.

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