Are research papers still justifiable as a means of grading a student's performance?

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  • Practice, training, and competency

    We would lose a critical training experience if they fell out of use. Term papers, research papers, and dissertations require research and organization. They also require students to present their thoughts in an organized and logical manner. Formal papers also prompt students to attribute credit to other writers and sources. These represent essential skills used in research, commerce, industry, and many other fields. The act of creating and presenting these papers helps prepare students for the careers they will soon be seeking. It's easy to view them as headaches when investing hours into their preparation, but they offer a reward for the future. If you are a student, try to view your instructor as a prospective employer. They will ultimately grade you on how effectively you can present your thoughts. Sell them on your abilities; assure them of your competency.

  • I think so

    Also, I had two more question which i could not fit into the box but what If research papers or dissertations, for that matter were to become a thing of the past, what would we lose in our pursuit of knowledge? Is there a better way to assess knowledge? Please help.

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