• With the exception of a few

    Not I'm not suggesting the banning of restaurants. Scummy, scumbag-ridden, rapper-loving places like McDonald's have their own right to conduct their garbage if they want. I'm just saying the so-called food makes you puke, makes your brain not work. It's disgusting. I would never ever do that to my children. I will give them true delicious home cooked food they'll love.

  • You monitor what you eat.

    Restaurants are not harmful to our health. It is not a restaurants responsibility to make sure someone doesn't over eat or doesn't eat out too much. It is our responsibility to eat health and monitor what we eat. People choose weather to eat McDonald's or go to a restaurant and have a salad.

  • Restaurants Are Not Harmful

    I do not believe restaurants are harmful to our health. Many individuals are exercising moderation when it comes to eating and dining at the restaurant. That is the ultimate key: if individuals are health conscious, they will choose to eat less or eat a balanced diet at a restaurant. If a person were to over eat (like in a buffet) it is the fault of the individual for going beyond the need for food; it should not be the fault of the restaurant and the contents in their menu. In addition, restaurants are meant to be dined in occasionally and not too frequently. Individuals should stress eating at home more often but to indulge in fine dining outside of the home to break routine. The restaurant becomes that avenue for them to reach out and try new things.

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