• The rich people who claim they got wealthy through working harder, not for all rich people.

    The ones in retail are rich at the expense of their super hard-working "working class" employees. Some or many rich don't care enough or have the compassion to understand that the people doing most of the work for them are the working class! So tax these suckers! I am fed up with this system. Someone on the NO side claimed it was progressive enough, which is not true. The minimum wage has yet to become $15.

  • A % is a %

    Taxes should be the same across the board. --% for those who make $10,000 and for those that make $10,000,000. They earned that money, why should we take i from them just because they are successful? It's like punishing success! I have never gotten why it isn't greed to want what the rich have, but it is to want what is rightfully yours. By the way, sometimes those high taxes effect those who are children of the wealthy. My dad is a lawyer and makes good money, so he pays high taxes. I have a job that I make $7.50 an hour at, but I pay income tax as if I was making %250 and hour just because of my father's income. That is money that I am trying to use to go to college.

  • Are you serious?

    People act like the rich are somehow exempt from paying any taxes. The rich still have to pay much more than those who make less based on income. The 1% pay something like 70% of all taxes while the bottom 50% only pays 3% of taxes. If anything, they should pay less taxes, as they are obviously better suited to spend that money, as they have already displayed their ability to use it correctly and not waste it. By amassing such a large amount of wealth, they help all the rest of us out, by generating jobs and improving our economy, as well as stimulating innovation. If you give that money to someone in the bottom 50% I doubt that'd happen.

  • No, the rich should help contribute at least SOME of their earnings.

    It is true that some rich people work harder to earn their money but there are also a good majority who are born into it. Richer people could contribute at least SOME of their money to help those who are unable to get a job and support themselves. Then again, there are some people who take advantage of some benefits poor people can get, meanwhile others who are struggling cannot, but it would help a lot more people who really are struggling.

  • No, rich people need to contribute their excess wealth to the common good of others

    Taxation is an important part of society; it solidifies and provides resources and safety for the community. People who are rich have much more than they need to survive and thrive. Some of that can be spent on luxuries, but a larger portion of that should go to providing resources for good of society, as it is that same society that protect and provide for rich people.

  • No, they can pay more.

    Rich people always find ways to not pay all their taxes, I think the IRS needs to investigate the wealthy people and make sure they are paying taxes. I do not understand why rich people have a problem paying more taxes, they are communities and organizations that need that tax money.

  • No, they need to be taxed more.

    People in the upper class, especially politicians, have passed laws that allow for the rich to avoid paying more taxes. Society would be better off if the amount of taxes paid would equate to a person's income. More taxes received from the rich would lower the debt and improve the economy.

  • We HAVE a Progressive Tax System Already.

    Many people in the United States do not realize that the wealthy are the most taxed in the system. If a person earns over $380,000 a year their tax rate is at 38%, what is yours?
    Critics may say, "the one 1%ers go through loop holes and have the majority of the wealth in the U.S.," which is true. However, the real problem would still remain if the wealthy were taxed even more than they already are, the government must regulate outsourcing carefully while not disturbing human progress.
    Look the real problem is the deficit - the real problem is the government spending not the governments tax revenue. This administration and the next administrations must fix the spending issue not the debated tax revenue.

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