• Yes we can

    You Right Wingers are the job killers with your anti-employee ways. Republicans have insisted for decades that tax cuts to millionaires will somehow trickle down onto the poor and middle class through jobs. This has never happened. Nevertheless, we are STILL repeating their same failed program and, now, after a decade of tax cuts, and $6000 PER year, PER middle class family for corporate welfare, and after more than 5 straight years of record high corporate profits....Not only does their entire economic theory prove...Once again...To be a complete failure, they also have the nerve to blame everyone else, from poor and middle class families to the president, for their own failed economic theory.

  • Hahaha. No.. --

    I am Libertarian and blame both parties. Right wing folks want tax breaks for the rich and figure that will fix the problem whilst the left wingers insist on large public programs that eat money. Both are stupid and not going to actually fix anything. Also you are the example of this 'No it's your fault' mentality that is damning our politics. You sound like a child 'No it's his fault, no it's her fault'. Also, the world does not work in 'Left only' or 'Right only'. You are just another ignorant person.

    Posted by: RO17

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