• Risk is everywhere

    Doesn't matter where you are in the world there is always going to be some level of risk in your life. You could be walking down the street and get mugged or hit by a car. You could be driving and you get into an accident you could even be going to work and an active shooter decides to come into your building and kill everyone on site. But the question remains " are risk important?" And my personal belief is yes it is and here's why.

    Risk promote growth- when you take risk you take on the possibility of losing something of value in pursuit of possibly gaining something of greater value which your essentially hoping will happen and being that we as humans by nature are advantageous meaning we do what's in our own best interest and for our survival, taking risk is not something we are naturally inclined to do but when we do take risk and it pays off, we are enriched and achieve growth.

    Risk helps us learn- obviously when risk works out we are validated, but when it doesn't we incur some type of loss and depending on the severity of that loss (assuming it wasn't life threatening) we will almost always learn something from that loss. Some people may learn what went wrong, fix it, and achieve success, others may realize they aren't cut out for it and never take on that risk again.

    Risk progresses society- There are so many examples of people taking risk throughout history that led to the betterment of human society but here are a couple just to name a few Martin Luther king Jr risked his life and ultimately paid the price for the pursuit of justice and equality. Galileo risked his life and paid the price to prove that the solar system revolved around the sun instead of the earth. Harriet Tubman risked her life trying to free slaves using the underground railroad system.

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