Are roadside memorials appropriate (yes) or distractions (no)?

  • They help with grieving and awareness.

    Yes, roadside memorials are appropriate, because they help the family that is grieving. If a white cross can make the family feel some peace about their loss, it doesn't hurt anyone else to see it. If it can alert people to the fact that a spot is dangerous, it also might save a life.

  • Yes,roadside memorials are appropriate.

    Yes,roadside memorials are appropriate.People want to remember their loved ones and remember where they last lived.When they pass by that particular place they want to remember how tragic their loved one's death was.Some people may criticize this but everyone has a right to grieve and remeber their loved ones as they see fit.

  • They're completely appropriate

    I've never found these to be distractions, if you notice them driving it's more often than not a reminder to be vigilant while driving because bad things can happen anywhere at any time when you aren't taking the responsibilities of driving seriously. I've never taken issue with roadside memorials of any kind.

  • They Are Distractions

    I find roadside memorials to be distractions. I know that family members may find solace in seeing this memorials where loved ones were lost, however its not the appropriate place for such displays. This is precisely why we cemeteries and memorials set aside, out of the way. The memorials along the side of the road are distracting to drivers and could cause further harm.

  • Roadside Memorials Are Distractions

    I believe that roadside memorials are distractions. Highways are built to be as a safe as possible and contain minimal distractions, however when people opt to put up memorials where a loved one passed, it is by far distracting to other drivers. I feel empathy for people and their loved ones who passed, but the memorials would be better put in the cemetery at a persons grave site.

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