• Roadside memorials are distracting

    It is my opinion that roadside memorials are distracting to passing drivers. Though these memorials are not intended to be distractions, they inadvertently cause some drivers to take their eyes off of the road. Ironically this can lead to an auto-accident, which may result in the creation of more roadside memorials.

  • Yes, even though that is not their intent.

    I understand and respect that roadside memorials are dedicated to loved ones who perished in accidents at those sites. However, intending no disrespect, theses memorials are distractions to drivers. Some of the memorials are rather large and elaborate. It's extremely easy to be distracted by them while driving without even realizing it.

  • They are ironic

    Roadside memorials can be very ironic. Often they are there to commemorate where someone died while driving a car, and yet the placement of them can prove distracting to still living drivers and maybe cause another wreck. This is especially true on boring stretches of road where a tired driver will turn his head for even a moment's curiousity.

  • Yes, I think roadside memorials are distracting.

    Overall peoples eyes are often drawn to a roadside memorial because of the bright colors or a cross on the side of the road and it distracts them for that split second, I think it can end up being very dangerous and overall it is unnecessary for roadside memorials to exist.

  • Roadside Memorials are generally not distracting

    Roadside Memorials are generally not distracting. They are good ways of honor individuals who have passed away or historical events. I have never been distracted because of flowers or pictures on the side of the road. Of course the roadside memorial should be appropriate and not distracting. Large crowds of people can be distracting

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