• Robots Serve Mankind

    Robotics are already a major advancement--it is going to be the artificial intelligence behind robots and eventual androids that will usher in a new era of automation in human society. Eventually, robots will do menial and disgusting tasks that humans don't want to do. There are plenty of computer scientists and programmers to develop this technology as a new generation of children is raised with computers almost from birth. Humans are moving away from physical tasks and becoming a race of thinkers rather than doers.

  • Yes robotics are the next major human advancement.

    Although there are a lot of really good human advancements going on right now, robotics is definitely at the top of the list. We will soon make personal robots that are very much like humans in every regard. They will be able to cook for us, clean for us, shop for us and be our companions.

  • Robots are stupid

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