• I have to say yes!

    I say robots murder better than humans, Because robots don't go to hell and humans do if humans murder humans, I prefer robot assassins over human assassins! Robots don't get arrested and humans do, Robots can get crushed and humans get arrested, This is why i prefer robots over humans!

  • No they are not

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  • Can a robot work beyond their program?

    A robot is just a machine with some few metal body parts. They can look alike as human, Mentally weaker, Very weaker than humans. Humans can work with emotion. I a programer of a robot gives it a task which is harmful to society, It will do it without thinking about it's affects, But humans can think. For an example a woman is cooking in the kitchen within the same time she is also talking on the mobile phone. But incase of a robot it would only cook, If it is only progammed for cooking.

  • They can't show emotions!

    My whole point is based on the fact that robots can't be used as friends or anything, Because the can't love, They can't be in pain, Nor can they have a line in wrong or easy. . .
    For example. . . Robots are computers to be taken literally and computer can only act as the code is given, When your crying or laughing, Or doing some "human" thing than the robot is not going to come and pamper or laugh with you. It gives you no moral support. . . Its shows no desire of friendship. . .

  • Can Robots Love? Can they give birth? Can they make more jobs? Use intuition and empathy?

    Robots, Unlike humans, Cannot love. They cannot feel joy, Write poetry or songs (at least not ones that are any good). They have no heart and soul. They have their place, But can never replace humans. They cannot reproduce themselves. At the end of the day, Humans can unplug them or take out their batteries. We can clearly see who is superior!

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