• A higher I.Q. Is a good thing to have

    When self aware robots are developed they will be more intelligent than humans and since intelligent people are civilised, then robots will be more civilised than humans and and so will extinct people by restricting their breeding until we are all finished which is a nice way to go considering our time is up by all the "mass extinction event" metrics our there ...

  • They are gof

    They they they are are are are are good good good good good g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g y y y y yy e e e e e e e e ee s s s s ss s s

  • Give robots a chance!

    I think robots are going to make a big difference in the world because people are making robots a higher technology so robots will never take over the world because in a magazeen that I read it says that robots are being made to read peoples emotions, health, and can succpect odd things and alert humans can deliver things to us and to look like us.

  • Robots help us in many ways!

    I mean robots can help us build buildings 20 times faster and those people who say that robots will take over our jobs and the world only because there worried about their lives, children, and their loved ones . But I think that we should give robots a chance to join our world because they could make a difference in a big way and can help us save a lot and I mean a lot more time.

  • Yes I do

    I think they robots are going to be good because they can do stuff that we cant do like keep a look out and they can do things that we cant do.Robots are good because if you have a phone that is like a robots and they don't kill us.

  • Robotic technology will make the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

    Although robots will change the world for that we don't need to work, who can receive the benefit? Only the rich will be able to receive the benefit by buying robots, and the poor will get only more poverty by the rich replacing their jobs to robots. This is not a good idea.

  • Bad!!!!Its not good

    Its bad because ....... Erm I don't know but I just think its a bad idea no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no

  • Robots will create more jobs in the future

    Robots are good for society because they will create more jobs for people. The robots will be the biggest job creators ever. The open up jobs in the field of automation therefore letting society create more robots to do jobs that were once performed by humans. This gives the humans jobs for programming and fixing robots.

  • Robots are helpful I mean why not??

    Robots are very helpful in society and need to be used more. I personally think That robots should be used more to help us in many different ways. Such as cleaners in our parks and streets. This will help the environment and stop the pollution. I would love to have robots more in our world. I mean they can make people's day. Who know?? We have to try

  • They'll create a Utopian Playland.

    Robots will help us create a society in which work is not necessary, and where fun is the top priority for society. Let's be honest with ourselves here: What we all really want in life is just to be happy, and fun helps us be happy.

    Unfortunately our current society does not encourage fun. Our current society encourages hard work; however when hard work is unnecessary we can focus on happiness.

  • What about love?

    Imagine if a robot had to take care of your little brother or sister. Since robots are not humans, they can not show, love, or compassion, or happiness (We're not counting Baymax.)! Kids could grow up and not develop very good social skills, since all they ever had was a ROBOT. No, No, and NO!

  • For Pete's sake, NO!

    What if something happens, and the robot is not programmed to do anything with it? It could react inappropriately, or even make the problem worse! Not all robots are programmed to respond to everything like humans can. If humans could be here in placement of robots, problems actually might be solved better because of our "programming"

  • They are not

    All you have to know about robots can be learned by asking John Connor what he thinks. Robots will eventually create networks such as Skynet in the Terminator films. They will become self aware and at that point they will realize that humans are a plague that needs to be removed.

  • They are wrong

    The robots will make a hudge unemployment , the people will lose their jobs, no matter if we are fast or slow , in case you want to lose your jobs , the poor population will increase. The robots can do many things for us but we are getting more lazy , we can live without robots , we know how the human had advance with technology, so why we need them

  • Obviously they are bad!

    They require so much energy. All the energy in our world is depleting at an accelerated rate. Also every piece of technology can malfunction no matter what and can also be hacked smart guys! Also if you didn't notice people need jobs. Without jobs people can become ruthless and savage and can do wrong things.

  • There can be a virus in one of them which spreads to other robots.

    The creator of robots might have programmed a robot wrong which then can spread like a disease causing other robots to act strange, And once they do, There is no running away from it they will stop but nothing to take over the world. There are many films, Games etc hinting us that robots are very dangerous. Examples are the movie 'Terminator' and the game 'Detroit Become Human' and there are more. Yes, It is cool and good to have an intelligent thing to 'rely' on. But 'relying' on it can lead us to our deaths, Which everyone doesn't want something to take over our world and kill us. It is a big debate which should be taken into the hands of people who are thinking of creating robots.

  • Robots are horrible!

    A robot named Sophia is the first robot citizen. She has been to many interviews and has her own feelings. During one interview the interviewer asked" will you kill all humans? " and the robots response was " yes I will kill all humans. " that is very very scary isn't it? I believe one day robots will take over the world some day

  • Robot NINJA! Can do Parkour

    I think that robots are bad for the future. Did you know that a robot named Atlas can now not only run like a human but they can now do parkour! Also when someone pushes them they do a back flip! I believe robots will take over! Robots are evil!

  • Robots are Bad For Our Future

    The word robot comes from the Czech word robota that means forced labor, I don't know how much the robots will like that. Humans are making a wrong turn in the road with robots. Sofia the robot is a citizen, She also states in an interview that she wants to destroy humans, Some robots a going on about how they want to rule the world and bina48 wants our atomic bomb. Search this link for youtube videos on robots. Https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=mfcyq7uGbZg

  • Robots are so bad for the world and EVIL!

    Robots are so evil because once a robot arm KILLED a worker! If we let robots know everything, They would know our weak spot and try to KILL us. We don't want that to happen. We want to stay in control of the planet Earth. We want to stay alive! We don't want a glitch in the system that makes them evil. We want to SURVIVE!

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klunsford says2018-04-11T12:50:37.487
Robots are good because they can help us
klunsford says2018-04-11T12:51:33.053
Robots can help us so i think they are good