• It has been proven that robots are more efficient at performing certain tasks.

    Without robots, the average price of an automobile would be much higher and, in my opinion, the end product would not be as safe. Human beings were not meant to perform the same mindless task over and over. We have creative minds and, therefore, it is only natural that our attention should begin to wander away from the task at hand. Robots may cost a handful of people their jobs, but they provide a lot of value to the rest of the us.

  • Yes, robots are more efficient.

    Robots are much more efficient when it comes to manual labor. As long as they are maintained well and are repaired and replaced in a timely fashion they are able to outperform humans in every aspect. Robots do not get tired, do not need breaks, and are able to perform the same tasks over and over again for hours on end.

  • Yes, robots are more efficient than humans.

    Robots as a whole are definitely more efficient than humans when it comes to manual labor. One of the first things that you remove is the element of human error. You can program a robot to do some thing and they will do it. They are also capable of having greater strength depending on how they were built.

  • Robots are more efficient than humans

    Robots are able to function well in a repetitive motion and offer an important alternative to human labor. The use of robots is particularly necessary when the work environment in dangerous or exhausting for humans. We should look for labor saving and efficient ways to use robots in the workplace.

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