Are Romanesque Catholic cathedrals more pleasant than Gothic Catholic, Presbyterian or Lutheran churches?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Have you seen Roman Catholic churches?

    I agree with what was said, that the churches in Rome and Roman Catholic cathedrals are really beautiful. Visit places where there is a history of Catholic churches and you will feel like you are visiting a museum or a grand palace, with historical value. Most of them are places of tourist attraction too.

    Posted by: L.D
  • Gothic = Scary

    All I have to say is Gothic architecture is frightening. Looking at one makes me think of witches, goblins, and demons. All of the pointy edges make me feel like my eyes are getting stabbed just looking at it. I'm not that familiar with the other forms of architecture noted above but based on the picture and my knowledge of gothic architure. I got to say that looks beachside comforting.

  • Gothic Catholic, Lutheran and Presbyterian churches all have a gloomy feel to them

    The original Catholic churches (the real ones) are like palaces. It's lovely just being in there. It's like the original Mosques, though they have more symbolism which Muslims don't put emphasis on. The ones in Puerto Rico, Andalusia, Rome are pleasant sites to be, to be honest than the churches in Northern Europe.

  • This is a very poorly worded question.

    The Church is the people, not the building. Now if you are asking if the Romanesque cathedrals are more pleasing to the eye than the buildings in which other people choose to worship, then yes, they probably are.

    But that just means that those who built those buildings were more interested in building bright, flashy, beautiful buildings than in spending that time and money to do God's work.

  • If you're looking for the preaching of the Word, absolutely not. If you're looking for aesthetics, yes.

    Some denominations look to focus on what man does to make things look pretty inside the church. But, since when is that EVER the concern of the church?! We are not to focus our eyes on the things of man, but of God and His Word. There should be one thing that catches our attention, and that is the Word of God! Not the architecture, or the tapestries, or how "pretty" the baptismal font is, or the fine, gorgeous liturgy; no! None of that! The Word of God being preached is the center of attention alone in the church. What is aesthetically pleasing to man ought not to become a graven image by which we somehow "worship" God. A foolish and perverted form of worship to say the least.
    But, if you wish to admire all of those things instead, then do so.

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