• Yes, Safe-haven laws protect children

    Yes, safe haven laws provide an essential need in society for parents who are unable to take care of their children. If a young mother feels overwhelmed by the responsibility of child rearing, she may neglect the child, or worse cause harm to the baby. Safe haven laws provide parents who are incapable of bringing up a child in a safe manner the chance to relinquish the responsibility of being a caretaker without fear of recrimination. It also provides the child with a safe place and the chance to get placed in a home with loving, responsible parents.

  • Yes they are.

    I do think safe-haven laws are beneficial, because a lot of the time these people are coming from places of extreme poverty or brutal war. Or, they are living under a leader who allows them almost no freedoms at all. It is only right that there are safe havens out there.

  • Safe Haven benefits all involved.

    Safe haven laws alleviate the financial burden of abandoned children, or orphans. That is just the governmental scale of the situation. Children are put into the homes of people that the parent approves, rather than a place that the state approves. The recipient home is much more willing to care for the child, rather than a foster home. The child goes with a family that he/she is familiar with rather than a state appointed stranger. The overall benefits of safe-haven are much better than the state run alternative.

  • No, safe-haven laws are not beneficial.

    I do not believe that safe-haven laws are beneficial. I think that the only people they benefit are criminals and those who are trying to escape the law after commiting a crime. I think that while some safe-haven laws deal with issues that are just, a lot of them encourage criminal activity.

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