• I say no

    When someone robs a store, they get only a few feet on account of having no leg room to run. When the cops come and they go to run, they trip and fall flat on their faces. Also, if someone wants their pants to constantly having to be pulled up, so be it.

  • Sagging Pants Equals Sagging Morals

    Law Enforcement agencies as well as the court system have long been tasked with the obligation and duty of protecting society from people of low morals that inflict harm upon the community and sagging pants are part of that duty. Communities must have standards of decency and when individuals violate those standards by exposing their under garments in public law enforcement must act.

  • Yes if indescent

    I have no problem with people having their own fashion sense. If they want to wear sagging pants then let them wear sagging pants. However if those sagging pants allow me to see your underwear or your butt then they should be deemed offensive and there should be legal restrictions on them.

  • Sagging pants is indecent exposure

    Undergarments are not made to be outerwear as the material is thin and adheres to the shapes of the body, Revealing much of what is underneath. This can be construed as indecent exposure, Possibly sexual harassment, And a potential health risk. Underwear can be stained with fecal matter or other potential risks with the (in)intended exposure of genitals or backside. Heath risks aside, I do not want myself or my children to be essentially forced to see someone’s private areas in public because they refuse to dress themselves like a respectable human being.

  • Why is it the governments business what you wear?

    If a certain place such as a school wants to put a restriction on pants they should be able to, however what you wear is not the governments business. In no way should it be illegal to wear a certain type of clothing. Additionally is it really wise to spend tax dollars arresting people for wearing the wrong pants??

  • I say no.

    Sagging pants enforce the laws of our great country. When someone robs a store, they get only 500 feet on account of their pants are hanging around their ankles. When the cops come and they go to run, they trip and fall flat on their faces. Also, if someone wants their pants to constantly having to be pulled up, so be it. Thank you for your time.

  • No, it defies common sense

    I see no point of sagging pants deserving legal restriction as it for the most part would defy common sense. While it may be seen as ridiculous to some, sagging pants by no means breaks any laws of public indecency such as indecent exposure. To put legal restrictions on the way somebody wears their pants would be very worrying as it would give way to the possibility of that becoming habit, not only that but there shouldn't but any governmental rule on the way somebody wears their clothing as long as falls under already established laws. It would be akin to there being laws on having your shoes untied, very asinine and worrying.

  • Legal Restrictions on Sagging Pants are Racist

    Sagging pants are often associated with young black men. People want to place restrictions on sagging pants in an effort to curb violence, similar to dress codes at certain establishments. However these restrictions are being put into place due to racist stereotypes. Some argue that sagging pants can be used to conceal weapons, however I would like to point out that weapons can be concealed in any style of clothing. Restrictions on sagging pants are targeting a specific demographic of the population.

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