• to much money

    people dont need this much money theres guys in this sport making more then 100 million dollars a season when there is other people who cant even find a job because they dont have the money. some of these players arent even that good but just because they play on a pro team they get millions of dollars and its for no reason!

  • Salary Caps are a good thing

    Salay Caps limit how much profesional athletes are allowed to get paid. They have enormous salaries, and are making way too much money. I mean can't we put a cap on how much professoinal athletes make. Sure they want to make money and so do the coaches, but I believe the coaches get all of the money.

  • It makes the game a lot more fair.

    Why shouldn't we have salary caps? Salary caps make is so the game is fair. Who wants to watch a game that is like 50-0. It may be nice if you are cheering for the team with 50 points but for people just watching it to watch it, it gets very boring very fast. Salary caps would change that and make it more fair. especially in baseball.

  • they should definatly put the cap in so people dont make to much money.

    A man fighting for our country and risking his life should not get paid less than a guy defending a football. there are people in Iraqu and
    Afganistan who are fighting everyday and can even be scared for life or loose a limb and still get paid less than an athlete.


    I think that professional sport players do not need that much money. We have families starving because they cant get a good paying job and it is not fair for the people who are poor and attempt to find jobs then these sport players get paid millions of dollars and i think that is just wrong.

  • Salary caps in sports are effective because they stop salaries from getting out of control and keep teams profitable.

    In order to see how effective salary caps are, only three teams need to be examined: the New York Yankees, the Florida Marlins, and the Carolina Panthers. The MLB does not have a salary cap, leading to big teams like the Yankees being able to spend as much as they want while small market teams like the Marlins are not able to spend money on players and, as a result, field sub-par teams. In the NFL, however, there is a salary cap that enables even the worst teams, like the Panthers, to pay the same salaries and field a team that should be ready to compete again in a few years.

    Posted by: LongBo86
  • Yes; they keep the playing field more level.

    Without a salary cap, the richest owners could offer more money to the best players, making their teams much better than average. The smaller market teams would not win very much, which would cause less people to come to the games. This would lead to even less money coming in for the small market owners to spend on players.

    Posted by: R04chGrov
  • Yes, because salary caps will help keep ticket prices reasonable.

    Salary caps on athletes will have little effect on the astronomical amounts of money that they can earn. The big money comes from sponsors, and the team contracts are often extra cushion. Cap the team salaries, to keep the ticket prices reasonable for the fans. Athletes can continue to pursue sponsors to make their millions and, then, fans can actually afford to see them. This would drive the fan base up, allowing the stadiums to make money, sponsors to make money, teams to make money, and fans to save money.

    Posted by: J Lamb 43
  • Salary caps in sports are effective.

    I think the use of salary caps has brought more fairness into professional sports. Teams are much more equal when they use salary caps. Without salary caps the richest teams could afford to have all the best players and dominate the sport. With salary caps any team can have a good season.

    Posted by: GaudyTory37
  • I believe that salary caps in pro sports are effective.

    The fact that we have caps on pro sports players salaries is a great thing. It allows for the players to make a decent amount without making a ridiculous amount. If we could just offer anything to any player it would make the recruiting process for pro sports complete mayhem. If we didn't have caps on pro sports it cold make for a lot of headaches and confusion.

    Posted by: 54l3mGrand
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  • No they aren't

    They aren't effective because if one team is better than another and therefore makes more money then they should be able to get whatever players they want for whatever amount it takes. If a player is better than another then they should also get paid more than the others.

  • That's not how capitalism works

    We should set an arbitrary cap to how much someone should be able to get paid? That's ridiculous. We do not set salary caps for private employees in a capitalistic society; by setting caps, we would be restricting free capital exchange--and worse, we would be doing this in an arbitrary manner that leads to injustice.


    Without salary caps, there are always lockouts. If you look at basketball, football, and hockey, there are always lockouts. However, Baseball is the only sport out of the four major sports that has not had a lockout in the past decade. That is because there is no salary cap in baseball. If there was no salary cap, then there wouldn't be lockouts in any sports.

  • Salary caps don't even do their job.

    Salary caps are made to retain players in teams so that everyone has a fair chance, but just because you limit how much money a person can make doesn't mean that an athlete cannot switch to another team. For example, if some teammates are slacking off while a certain player is actually trying their hardest and playing well that player does have the right to switch to a different team.

  • Salary caps in professional sports are not effective because there are ways around them.

    Salary caps in professional sports are not effective because there are ways around them. A lot of contract extras and bonuses are not covered by salary caps but are easily triggered by the players. Teams also dangle incentives such as first-rate training facilities and extra-curricular activities. This happens a lot when they play road games in or around Vegas.

    Posted by: FlakyHerb64
  • The capitalist marketplace should rule in this instance, and players should take what they can get.

    Players have to live with lifelong injuries and retire at a young age. They should receive the benefit of the large salaries to make the life threatening jobs worthwhile. They also deserve these salaries because the job is very competitive and, if they are in such a select group of talent and luck, they deserve to be paid for it. No caps are necessary. Let the market rule.

    Posted by: DisillusionedGilberto67

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