Are same-sex marriages different from heterosexual marriages?

  • Marriage is based on love not gender

    If you're against same sex marriage that's your opinion but you shouldn't ruin other peoples happiness with your opinion. It may be against the bible but newsflash, not everyone has the same religion. The bible shouldn't justify the law. Not everyone believes in god so why should the bible resent them? Let a couple be happy, Gay or straight its love and people should be able to love who they want to and be able to marry them. Its their choice, not yours.

  • For the children

    Psychology has proven that a child is more likely to succeed with a mother and father figure in their life. 2 fathers cant replace a mom and vice versa. Even with one acts like the opposite gender humans are hardwired to associate certain traits with a gender. With fathers they see strength, authority, self esteem leadership and the benefits of hard work. With mothers they see compassion, mercy, social awareness, the importance of a loving family, loyalty, sacrifice and how to help someone who is hurt. A homosexual couple doesn't fit the mold. It's naturally sterile, not making a family but seeking the happiness of only the spouses. Adopted children or sperm bank babies may receive the most genuine love from their parents but wont be raised in the right environment without a substituted missing figure (a nanny, coach, teacher, church member, next door neighbor etc.). However even that doesn't fully emulate the effects of a biological or full time mother/father figure. In short a straight family offers the ideal environment for a child to grow up in. A homosexual family may not prevent the kid from becoming something in life but may stunt social growth and wont give the advantage of a traditional family.

  • One word: genitalia

    The only difference is one has different pairs of genitalia and the other has a pair of the same genitalia. In some aspects we can't deny that they are different, but it's time we call all of it marriage instead of needing to use different words. We might still need to though while there is still strong opposition.

  • Yes they are

    They can't have kids and the bodies do not work the way nature designed them to work. Anything else and you are crazy because man did not intend to do it up the rear end of another man. Plus all the lesbians are fat because they don't have to look good for a man.

  • Yes different in some ways

    You can't say that same sex marriages are the same as hetero sexual marriages cause they are not. One involves a man and woman and the other does not. With that said the two types of marriages deserve the same rights and protections by laws. They are different but should be treated the same.

  • Same-Sex Relationships and Heterosexual Marriage

    Same-sex relationships are very different from heterosexual marriage. First, they are not legally protected or sanctioned relationships in most states. Most states and corporations do not provide the same benefits to same-sex partners that they do for married couples. Furthermore, those in same sex relationships can leave or end the relationship without all of the expense and legal ramifications of a divorce.

  • Why are there no legal stuff here?

    For most of the points (other than legal stuff) has been said already so I don't really have much to say. So I have to say yes. But is there any points in legal stuff like rights in gay marriages? I don't hear any. (People from different countries have different laws aplly so I don't really know what to say. Can you say something about it in countries where gay marriage has already have this legalize?

  • Of course they are.

    While I am all for gay marriage, of course it's different from heterosexual marriages. Most heterosexual marriages contains a male and a female, both being capable of having sex and having a child in the outcome or adopting. While for homosexual couples, they can have sex but there will be no child or pregnancy. Either way, it's still love and it's valid.

  • Love is the Same

    Love is love. Regardless of who it is we cant help who we love. I am a lesbian woman that has had a child with another lesbian woman. We have the same values, we both work, clean, talk, go on outings, family vacations, grocery shopping the same as a heterosexual couple. We have that right to be happy.

  • Marriage is marriage, yo.

    Same sex marriage is only different than heterosexual marriage in that it is still illegal in many places all over the country. I can't understand it at all. It is downright homophobic. I think that were same sex marriage completely legal, it would not be any different than regular marriage.

  • No they are not.

    Other than the fact that it is two women or two men getting married, they are not different at all. They still want to be happy, have children (sometimes), they still get in fights, and all the things that straight married people do. There is no proof that anything is different in gay marriages.

  • I Really Doubt It

    I do not believe there would be much different in a same-sex marriage, as opposed to a heterosexual marriage. The two people, regardless of gender, still have to combat the same problems and issues an relationship faces. This would be the same before and after getting married. While it may be hard to imagine, a marriage is a marriage.

  • Physically, yes. Mentally, no.

    While same sex marriages are physically different from heterosexual marriages, they can also act as the same thing mentally. At the end of the day, marriage is a bond between 2 people who are truly in love with each other. Those of the same sex, can also be in love.

  • Marriage is marriage

    Marriage is simply about committing your life to another person, and what ever that particular bond means to the two of you. The things you do within that marriage defines the marriage for you. Marriage is different for everyone. Some couples allow each other to go outside the marriage for sex, and some choose to remain monogamous for the rest of their existence. Everyone that gets married, gets to decide what that bond means to them.

  • No, they are not.

    Same sex marriages are the same as heterosexual marriages and should be treated as such. Just because it is two people of the same gender does not mean there love is invalid or intentions to stay together for life is meaningless. They have a right to marry and happiness just like anyone else.

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