Are sandbox-style games (Minecraft, Terraria, etc.) creative outlets (yes) or pointless time-wasters (no)?

Asked by: tyleremery2383
  • Minecraft in my classroom

    I use MinecraftEdu in my classroom to help students exercise their creativity. For example, we are creatively writing what we feel our future world will be like based on scientific predictions. The students take their story elements and create those worlds in MinecraftEdu. They love the activity and use Edmodo to discuss what they will do next with their stories and in their worlds. It's a great collaboration tool.

  • You can be as creative as you can!

    To minecraft and terraria the only limit is your imagination.I play both minecraft an terraria, and without them, I would still be that shy kid.These games made me realize how social I could be because it turned out everyone played them, especially when i stared playing on minecraft servers.These games stared me, and i will end with them on my mind.Look at the debate picture!Its epic!
    Sandbox games are what I know best, Sandbox games know me better than I know myself.

  • Unleash your creativity!

    Sandbox-style games such as Minecraft and Terraria can be used as great creative outlets for all ages. If you have ever seen some of the amazing creations people have made in these games, you know just how limitless the possibilities are. Castles, mazes, giant statues of favorite characters, and more have been made, and people are continuing to dream up spectacular designs!

  • Come up with new ideas. Try to build something that is amazing, practice strategies.

    These type of games are not pointless time wasters. Yes, they may not be real, but you can express your feelings in ways you never could before! Terraria is all about strategy, how will you build thing in case of ______? What would work better _____ or ______? These games are creative outlets to express feelings and practice strategy.

  • Use your head...

    Of course they are not pointless time wasters, why? They are not because of the style, yes Terraria is not that educational but you use your brain building and figuring out strategies. Minecraft also is not a time waster because you use redstone that measure in seconds as well that you are building amazing things but also trying to make a contraption.

  • It's better than watching TV

    Minecraft might be a screen game that hogs people's lives up (example, some YouTuber did some 12-hour-straight live stream that he regretted later) but when used RESPONSIBLY it can be a great creative outlet. It's not as PRODUCTIVE necessarily than, say, drawing or writing, but it's a creative outlet. It can be a time-waster if used too much and irresponsibly, but if managed properly it's actually healthy. But a 12-hour livestream, for example, or even 6 hours... No, that's WAY too much in one shot.

  • Yes they are

    Games like these allow you to create objects from your own imagination which evidently allows you to improve your imagination. My imagination certainly expanded after playing Minecraft for an extended period of time and i enjoyed playing it as a video game. Aside from being a creative outlet, games like minecraft who have multiplayer options allows a person to interact with other people from all over the world. Expanding a person's knowledge about other cultures, and so on.

  • It is a waste of time and does not teach you life skills

    This is mostly what I view about all video games, but especially Minecraft. People who enjoy it say that it "fosters their creativity" and that it lets them build things. However, you have to remember that everything you're doing is in a virtual world and that it is NOT REAL. Just because you can build a huge castle in Minecraft does not mean you'll be able to do anything of the sort in real life. If you want to learn how to build something, then actually build something. Use Legos, use Linkin Logs, Tinker Toys, I don't care just not on a computer. I realize that in Minecraft you are not restricted by the boundaries of such novel things like physics, but honestly it's not that great! But, like I said, this is something that I find with all video games. Too often today, there are too many kids who won't go outside and play on a lovely summer day because their inside on their phone, or playing a game like Minecraft. Also, in Minecraft, you can't win or lose, which I feel doesn't actually prepare you for the real world. In my mind, life is about winning and losing and maybe that's harsh but that's often the case with the truth. So, in conclusion, kids please stop playing Minecraft. If you want to build something, build it for real. You will garner much more respect that way, trust me.

  • Is it a good game?

    No it is not, this is not a triple A call of duty shooter. How can i come home from work and expect to shoot some terrorists. I dont want make bloody houses i want to shoot the people over the wireless. Bloody blocks. Minecraft is a r8 bugger m9.

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